White Guide coffee shops in Gothenburg and West Sweden

According to the criteria of the White Guide, whether a visit to a coffee shop is enjoyable depends on the quality of the drinks, bakery items on offer (including sandwiches), service, as well as the setting and ambience. No less than 51 coffee shops in Gothenburg and West Sweden are included in the White Guide 2014. Would you like to know which ones? Below is a small sample – all are definitely worth a visit!


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da Matteo, Göteborg

Our first stop is da Matteo in Gothenburg which achieved the highest score of all the coffee shops in West Sweden and is of Master Class according to the 40-point scale of the White Guide. Which basically mean that it is among the very best in our part of Sweden.


The old riding arena on Magasinsgatan is home to the coffee shop da Matteo Panetteria. The building also houses a bakery and a roasting room, and apart from glorious bakery items, guests can enjoy a bowl of soup for lunch and filter coffee brewed by the cup.

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Gunnebo Coffee Shop and Restaurant, Mölndal

We continue to Gunnebo Coffee Shop and Restaurant, winner of Sustainable Café of the Year and located only 10 minutes from Gothenburg. Gunnebo Coffee Shop and Restaurant, Mölndal Only 10 minutes from Gothenburg is Gunnebo Coffee Shop and Restaurant. In the cosy former servants quarters of Gunnebo House, guests can enjoy home-baked delicacies and freshly cooked lunches made with ingredients carrying the Swedish organic label, KRAV, and seasonal organic vegetables from the own kitchen garden. While you are here, do not forget to visit the house itself, which is one of Sweden’s finest 18th century country estates, the cultural reserve, the organic gardens, the farm and the shop. Gunnebo Coffee Shop and Restaurant is open daily, all year round.

Gunnebo Coffee Shop and Restaurant


Västergötland has more coffee shops in the White Guide 2014 than any other region in West Sweden. Two of these are Conditori Nordpolen in Vara and Emelis in Lidköping.


Conditori Nordpolen, Vara

Conditori Nordpolen (the North Pole) in Vara is a traditional coffee shop dating back to 1903. The reason for the name is that S. A. Andrée, the Swedish explorer, during a test flight in his hot-air balloon in 1894 was forced to make an emergency landing on the Vara Plain. According to local legend, he stopped for a coffee before continuing his journey. At Conditori Nordpolen, guests are served at the table and there is a huge range of tasty treats to choose from, including everything from cream cakes, Danish pastries, biscuits and the Swedish classic ‘Princess Gateau’, to novelty cakes like the ‘Central Vacuum Cleaner’, a bigger version of the traditional Swedish ‘Vacuum Cleaner’ cake. Perfect for sharing! Read more here!


Emelis på Limtorget, Lidköping

Limtorget is the only part of Lidköping that survived the fire in the Old Town in 1849, and this is also where you will find Emelis – a nice old-fashioned coffee shop. Teas and coffees are served at the table, in cups and saucers from historic manufacturers of quality porcelain, like Rörstrand and Gefle. There are lots of tasty bakery items on offer, including everything from sponge cakes to classic Swedish gateaux, and all made by Lidköping’s very own Queen of Cakes, Emelis.


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A new White Guide for coffee shops will be published in June, so look out for more blog posts with tips and information about great coffee shops in West Sweden.


Text: Jennie Lund

Photo: da Matteo, Gunnebo Coffee Shop and Restaurant, Conditori Nordpolen, Emelis and Jonas Ingman.

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