West Sweden Wins Prestigious Tourism Awards

West Sweden has picked up some prestigious awards recently, with the grand fairytale castle, Läckö Slott, receiving the ‘Great Tourism Award 2013’; the lavish Bjertorp Slott awarded the Historic Hotels of Europe ‘Best Historic Countryside Hotel of Europe 2014’ and CNN listing Hotel Andrum’s ‘Seventh Heaven’ as one of the Best Tree Houses in the World, and the Bohuslän region as one of the World’s Last Great Wilderness Areas.

Islanna – 7th Heaven Tree House. Photo: Lisa Nestorson

These awards were well-deserved – the region’s fairytale castles are world class, the archipelago of the Bohuslän coastal region guarantees a unique natural experience, and guests at Sjunde Himlen tree house can enjoy accommodation that is definitely out of the ordinary.

Läckö Slott – winner of the Great Tourism Award 2013

The Läckö Slott Foundation, overlooking Lake Vänern, is the winner of the Great Tourism Award 2013. It was picked over 12 other nominees, including Astrid Lindgren’s World, Aurora Sky Station, and Storsjöyran. The judges revealed their decision to award Läckö Slott with first prize by saying: “This year’s winner is an inspiring example that through long-term and focused efforts has highlighted the potential in combining culture, nature and meals with high quality. Based on broad cooperation with industry and other stakeholders, and with a strong focus on sustainability and the overall visitor experience, the Läckö Slott Foundation has created a strong visitor destination of both national and international stature.”

Läckö Slott. Photo: Emelie Persson

Bjertorp Slott – winner of the Best Historic Countryside Hotel of Europe 2014

Located just outside Vara, Bjertorp Slott is said to be the last stately home built in Art Noveau style. The Historic Hotels of Europe Awards were introduced in 2012, with people across Europe able to vote online for their favourite hotels in ten different categories. Historic Hotels of Europe was set up to promote global awareness of historic hotels in Europe and includes more than 500 hotels in 18 countries.

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Bjertorp Slott. Photo: Bjertorp

The Bohuslän region and Hotel Andrum’s ‘Seventh Heaven Tree Hotel – the best in the world according to CNN

The Bohuslän coastal region – dotted with 8,000 islands, pretty fishing villages and traditional red wooden houses – is the seventh most beautiful wilderness in the world according to the the famous television company CNN. Its article said: “If you’ve ever fantasized about gliding silently through the water on a kayak, camping on deserted beaches, enjoying the midnight sun, spotting seals and soaking up the spirit of the sea, you’ll find no shortage of experiences here… ”

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Inside the Islanna Tree House. Photo: Lisa Nestorson

With a bird’s eye view of life, guests can enjoy amazing accommodation high among the leafy tree-tops. Set just outside of Falköping, Hotel Andrum’s ‘Seventh Heaven,’ is built into a large oak tree, showcasing towers and pinnacles like a fairytale castle. Guests can sleep under the stars on its balcony, a great spot to also take in the sounds of the forest or spot an elk.

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