Way Out West Music Festival

So, here we are again. One of northern Europe’s most hyped festivals, set in urban environment in the cultural capital of Sweden, is about to start. Welcome to Way Out West, Gothenburg, Sweden. Explore West Sweden will be present and report live every day on what to do and how to do it.

This year’s festival is the biggest so far. The tickets, normally easy to acquire even in the days before the party starts, have been sold out for weeks even though the festival site is expanded and more people let in. Many of the “side events”, such as more or less officially endorsed concerts and clubs, are expected to be full. Therefore the hype is also bigger than ever and the question “Are you coming to WoW?” has been heard between friends all over Sweden this summer. If you are in Gothenburg and planning a visit (maybe you’ve always wanted to see Kanye or Prince?), then please 1. let us know through the blog or Facebook and 2. expect to spend some time waiting in lines.

The festival’s popularity has also prompted Luger, the organizer, to introduce a couple of tools to improve the experience and facilitate for the visitors. Perhaps the best of these are the more social media friendly features, such as an interactive Way Out West iCalendar, frequent use of sites such as Twitter and Flickr and – the most welcome novelty – a brand new app for smartphones. The app connects to Facebook and let you see on an interactive map on Gothenburg what’s going on around you. It’s free and very popular.

You can get the app here:
Android Market

In order to maintain this interactive approach during all three days, the area is now covered in a free WiFi network.

The area opens tomorrow but the party starts tonight with several happenings around town. Explore West Sweden will be there and report. We just have to choose between a photo exhibition in the harbor, barbecue downtown or a James Blake concert in the beautiful church Annedalskyrkan. We might do them all… Stay tuned!

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