Way Out West: Introduction

This day is a special day for Swedes interested in popular music: it is the first day of the annual music festival Way Out West, set in Slottsskogen in Gothenburg. The festival lasts for three days, and this year’s biggest names are Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Alicia Keys, Håkan Hellström and The Knife. The weather forecast predicts mixed weather, which we choose to see from a positive perspective – we will experience the festival in all kinds of weather.

Last year ticket sales were record high, and it is likely that this will happen this year as well. Except for music, Way Out West also hosts a movie festival, a new interview segment, and art exhibitions. Two major movies will have their premieres during the festival: Snabba Cash – Livet deluxe, which is the third and final movie in the Easy Money series, and Waltz with Monica, a movie about the celebrated Swedish jazz singer Monica Zetterlund. Like previous years, when the festival area in Slottsskogen closes each night, the concerts continue at different Stay Out West clubs around Gothenburg.


The food served on the festival will once more be all-vegetarian, and this year the selection of food vendors has been increased. Going through all their different menus, which have been posted on the festival’s web site, really made our mouths water. The festival also has a mobile application, which lets the festival attendees boost their experiences, e.g. by offering a practical schedule for the concerts, maps of the festival areas, queue statuses for the Stay Out West clubs and for the movies. If you have lost your friends in the crowds, it also helps you find them again with the help of an integrated GPS. The application is free to download, for iPhones on iTunes, and Androids on Google Play.

We can’t wait to enter to the festival area and start this year’s Way Out West experience. The excitement and the expectations are almost unbearable, and we are counting down the hours until the first band strikes its first chord, and the festival will have officially started.

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