Way Out West, Evening of day 3

As it was getting darker it felt like everybody started to realize that the hours left until the end of the festival were few and that one needed to fill them with as much as was humanly possible. We took this with a grain of salt and instead went to grab a bite to eat. This time it was time for some tofu wok, and for dessert typical sour rhubard-watermelon candy, eaten while walking towards the next band.

This time it was Miike Snow playing, a Swedish indie pop band, apparently quite popular among young girls, but one can’t blame them for the band really gave an excellent performance.

After Miike Snow had finished playing everybody was waiting for the Kraftwerk finale, and we went around the area to get a final glimpse of everything before everybody would leave to go to the club performances afterwards. Even though it was dark and pretty packed with people, it was still a nice atmosphere and people were smiling at you when you were passing them.

Finally Kraftwerk started to play and this time people were well-prepared: they formed a crowd a while before the set time and put on their 3D-glasses waiting patiently for their German heroes. The purpose of the glasses turned out to be a 3D-show on the stage backdrop with futuristic motifs like robots and the world from space, all very cool and suited for their catchy electronic music – all and all an excellent ending to an excellent last night.

And so ends this year’s edition of Way Out West – 2012 was an excellent year, with fine weather, great artists, and very nice arrangements on the festival area and on the other locations around Gothenburg, but the biggest part of the festival was really played by its enthusiastic visitors: this year was a record year as the tickets were sold out all three days and a new attendance record was noted with 27,000 attendees. Now its a whole year until the next time we get to put our sunglasses and best hat on and dance in front of favorite bands – but a year passes quick, there is always Youtube and Spotify, and before you know it is time to purchase next year’s tickets – and maybe we will see you there?!

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