Way Out West, Evening of day 3

At 6:30 PM, Cat Power came on stage, and the audience was rather large, as it had started to gather for the very last shows of the festival. Cat Power has a very nice, relaxed and a somewhat hoarse-sounding voice, and she sang emotionally to her great songs. Her show was quite minimalistic, but the tunes in themselves carried the show. When Cat Power had finished, there was only two more shows that we wanted to see before the festival ended – Kendrick Lamar and Alicia Keys – and to prepare for those very last hours of music, we went to one of the food trolleys in Slottsskogen, and had some Asian food, this time some fresh noodle salads.

The skies were still clear, and darkness slowly started to fall. This did not dampen anybody’s spirits however, as everybody was very expectant to the last artists, both somewhat in the same musical field: hip hop respectively R&B. When Kendrick Lamar started to play, people were almost bursting with joy, and happily repeating his rhymes in the way he asked for, and waving their hands in the air like cheerful music-loving robots.

Kendrick Lamar, originating from Compton, California, really knew how to make his audience happy, and once again one of the hip hop/R&B acts on Way Out West excelled.

Right before Alicia Keys was about to enter the stage, we bought some last-minute sour-sweet candy, in order to really soak up the last two hours of the festival.

As the queen of R&B/soul came out on the stage, the crowds gave a load cheer. Alicia Keys gave a packed show, filled with delicate piano playing and strong singing, with songs such as “Empire State of Mind”, “If I ain’t got you”, and “This girl is on fire”.

The seventh year of Way Out West has come to an end, and it must be summarized as a big success. At a time when music festivals at large have a hard time surviving, Way Out West has managed to beat last year’s record in sold tickets, with a total of 27.752 visitors, which is 800 more visitors than last year, in spite of Neil Young’s cancelled show and rain showers. We are very, very pleased with this year’s festival, and we will keep the memories from the shows for a long time, and think back at all the music when the snow lie thick this winter. Thank you, Way Out West 2013!

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