Way Out West, Evening of day 2

We started the “night shift” with eating. The guy on the picture is probably frying some corncobs, but we decided for “Smålandsrulle” and falafel instead. The “Smålandsrulle” could boast with being test winner of the newspaper Metro’s festival food test, and it was good, however there is also a pancake stand in the festival area, and our next meal is going to be a savory one.

We then strolled around the area looking at people, and noticing their styles. If one is interested in fashion, Way Out West is a very good source of inspiration, with people of all ages trying to beat each other in trendiness. Some does it with more finesse than others – these two gentlemen look very happy and content, perhaps over their good choices of outfits.

Feist was playing at one of the big stages. She is a Canadian singer-songwriter, and we really enjoyed her performance. She also had a guest appearance on the stage, when she sang a duet with Jeff Tweedy, the singer from Wilco, a band which had performed just before her on the stage. The crowd was however a little tentative, as everybody was waiting for the big names of the day: Bon Iver and Blur. Bon Iver’s performance was greatly appreciated by the big crowd, but the music could have been a little bit more cheerful, instead of just grand. Bon Iver is a very popular American band, with for example the well-known song Skinny love, which we incidentally missed, as we had hurried to see the Californian band Best Coast, which was playing at the same time at another stage. This band plays energetic surf pop and the young girls in the crowd was dancing happily.

One of the festival’s biggest attractions is Blur, and as they played their first chords, the crowd filled up in front of the scene in an instant. The former competitors to Oasis, though a little aged, played brit pop at its best, and front figure Damon Albarn sang upbeat and strutted around the stage with great energy as the night fell. After the festival area closes for the night, the segment called Stay Out West picks up. This consists of concerts held in clubs across Gothenburg, and this night we went to see John Maus, who presented a very avant-garde show for the audience.

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