Way Out West, Evening of day 2

As the clock struck 7:40 PM, one of Sweden’s biggest and most well-liked pop artists Håkan Hellström entered the stage singing one of his many hit songs “Jag har varit i alla städer”, accompanied by the harmonica. The huge crowd joined in on the singing, knowing all the lyrics by heart, and Håkan Hellström declared that he was very happy to finally perform at Way Out West again after three years since the last time, and that he had gladly accepted, when he was asked just the week before the festival. Håkan Hellström is from Gothenburg and it is hard to think of anybody with such a loyal and big fanbase as he has, so the crowd was positively bursting with joy at every thing Håkan Hellström did. The repertoire consisted of most of his biggest hits as well as some songs from his latest album, such as “Det kommer aldrig vara över för mig“.

The show ended grandly with confetti rain and a delicate ballad, and as Håkan Hellström had left the stage and the last pieces of confetti slowly floated down towards the ground, it felt a bit melancholy, as it would be very hard for any other artist to top the Hellström show, and hence the peak of the festival had already happened.

However, we got over that feeling rather fast, as R&B artist Miguel started his show at the Azalea stage. The darkness had fallen over Slottsskogen, and Miguel’s bright white leather jacket and the white lights on the stage created very a cool image, and it felt like one of the better performances on the festival, a bit surprisingly.

Before wrapping up day 2 of the festival, we had planned to see The Knife, a Gothenburg band playing electronic pop music. We decided to have something to eat before the show started, and crêpes with chocolate seemed like the perfect snack before seeing The Knife’s rather hefty stage show. The Knife nowadays consists of a large number of people, having expanded from just two siblings, Karin and Olof Dreijer, and the music collective puts a big emphasis on that everybody is equally important in the band. The show was a bit busy and the music was somewhat overshadowed by the plentiful choreography. We went home very pleased with the day, with Håkan Hellström’s show fresh in our memories.

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