Way out West: Day 4 (FOOD)

food way out west
Today was a hot and humid day and your correspondents tried to get something chilly to drink. There was wine and there was beer. So we changed our minds and went food-hunting, perfectly contempt with our plastic bottles of water. The snack selection did however get us dizzy. We ran into a blonde Swedish girl named Ingrid (such a cliché!) who was trying to talk us into eating wild boar kebab but the act felt a bit too much of a viking feast and we settled for the Hungarian delicacy langos, which essentially is fried bread with sour cream and different salty/fat toppings. Yummy! In the process we turned down everything from Swedish meatballs to Fish and Chips.
During the day, there was one thing besides the omnipresent discussions about weather that occupied the minds of Way Out West-crowd: Håkan Hellström. At eight, he will enter the stage. We can’t wait for the local poet’s return!

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