Way Out West, Day 3

It is the third and final day of Way Out West, and even though an amount of tiredness has started to set in, we are still looking forward towards seeing the last artist’s shows. The first part of the day started with rain, and walking towards Slottsskogen, we crossed our fingers that the drizzle should stop or at least not turn into heavy rain. When we entered the area, we ate some tacos and hurried down to the Flamingo stage to see Swedish band Dungen perform. Dungen plays music influenced by folk music and psychedelic 1970s style music, but has expressly dissented to being labelled a Swedish progg band, as the band does not have a political message. Their performance was very energetic and fun, but we did not have time to see the full show, as Ravi Coltrane, the son of jazz legend John Coltrane, was performing at the same time. Ravi Coltrane’s jazz was speedy and up-beat, led by Ravi’s saxophone playing, and we really enjoyed it.

By the time Ravi Coltrane had finished, the rain had stopped, and the sun came out. To celebrate this, we bought ourselves some bubble tea, a drink originating from Taiwan, consisting of tea, milk and small, chewy tapioca drops. Our friend, who had never had bubble tea before, accidentally swallowed his tapioca drops in his eagerness to try the new drink, making him cough really bad for a while. Luckily, Cheikh Lô had just came on stage, distracting us all from the bubble tea incident, and standing there in the sun listening was actually one of the nicest moments of the entire festival, as his music is very vivacious – a mix between different types of West African music as well as reggae music – making you very happy and carefree.

On the opposite stage on which Cheikh Lô had been playing, Public Enemy then came on. They are legends within the field of hip hop, and has been playing all the while since 1982. They had a military influenced stage show, both down to the choreography and the costume, which is perhaps not very surprising considering their politically toned image. The show did not feel very innovative, but their fans seemed to like it a lot nonetheless.

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