Way Out West, Day 3

It is Saturday and the last day of the festival, which would feel quite sentimental in a way, if it wasn’t for the fatigue that sets in after several days of walking, talking, an overload of impressions and lack of sleep. Today features bands like Laleh, Miike Snow and Common. Popular American R’n’B artist Frank Ocean cancelled in the last minute due to voice problems, to many people’s disappointment. The night’s big finale will be Kraftwerk, and they have had 3D-glasses distributed in the festival entrance to everybody entering, making people speculate about what will happen.

Instead of Friday’s morning drizzle Saturday morning brought sun and high temperatures, pleasing those always dressed in jeans shorts on festivals, no matter the weather, and making those a little bit more pessimistic minded wishing they had looked out the window before dressing. We, of course belonging to the latter group, quickly shook that feeling of, after having grabbed a very tasty black-bean-and-pickled onion taco plate in the shade of some big trees near the festival entrance. Down at the open area by the big stages the festival had already started, and the relaxed lunchtime to early afternoon hours of the festival mentioned earlier was coming to an end. Due to the overall low energy of the festival attendees on this last day, however, the relaxed atmosphere lingered, to our joy, as we watched American hip-hop artist Common sing a ballade to a young girl from the audience, a little shy from 3,000 people’s cheers and the flattery of a grown-up idol.

After listening to The Field, a Stockholm techno artist, we went up to a terrace outside “Björngårdsvillan”, a permanent café in Slottsskogen, where they had a beer and snacks bar, however by this hour – between lunch and dinner – there was a very long line, and instead we just took in the view from above of the festival area, and all the ant-like people rushing back and forth to see as many bands play as possible, and waited for the last big performances of the festival.


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