Way Out West, Day 2

The second day of the festival got off to a bumpy start: heavy rain clouds drifted slowly over Gothenburg’s skies. Not letting this discourage us, we went to the festival area and saw the American band War on drugs play an excellent show, with good contact with the audience. The area was not as soggy as we had feared, since the arrangers had covered some areas, for example the ground in front of the scene where War on drugs was playing, with a sort of plastic floor. Still, we envied those of the festival-goers who came in wellingtons.

As it was lunchtime we took a closer look at the food stands and decided for salads – a very nice addition to usual festival food – with odd but good-tasting combinations such as strawberry-halloumi and tofu-potatoe. The best hours of a festival are actually those in the beginning of the day, from lunch to early afternoon, as it is not crowded at all, the smaller bands are more humble and fun than the established bands, the daylight makes it possible for you to notice things further off, and you have all the day ahead of you with fun things to look forward to.

The weather had slowly started to change, from soft drizzle to just cloudy, and suddenly the sun broke through the clouds. Also there had been a steady increase in the number of visitors on the festival area, as more popular bands were playing later in the afternoon. People were happy and expectant, and gathering around the scenes as moths to the flame.


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