Way Out West, Day 2

The second day of Way Out West began with – after starting up with a large lunch to refuel before another day full of concerts – watching Rodriguez perform. Before we got to his stage, we caught a glimpse of Giorgio Moroder, a legend within the field of electronic music. Even though it was bright daylight people were dancing to his 1980s sounding disco music quite fanatically. Rodriguez’ show, in contrast, felt very laid back and much calmer. The audience was big for an early afternoon show, and everybody was listening appreciatively to the songs.

Rodriguez is an American artist playing folk music, whose career has been boosted lately by the celebrated documentary film Searching For Sugar Man, created by Swedish journalist Malik Bendjelloul. Rodriquez played at Way Out West last year as well, but back then the movie highlighting Rodriguez’ music’s greatness had not yet reached the public and hence the crowd was many times bigger this year.

After Rodriguez had finished, the Californian band Haim, consisting of three sisters, played. Their music is upbeat and often compared to the music of Fleetwood Mac, and their performance was very energetic and joyous  not the least when they announced that they had finally finished their first album. At the same time, on another stage, another Californian indie rock band was playing: Local Natives. Their music has been described, in a somewhat puzzling way for those not well-versed with all the different subcategories of popular music genres, as psychedelic folk.

After their show had ended, Canadian artist Claire Boucher, known as Grimes, performed her electro-pop music. Her show was not quite as captivating as previous shows of the day, however this may be linked to a rather minimalistic performance, with two background dancers and a synth, and a somewhat fleeting presence. Grimes marked the ending of the first part of the day, and everybody started preparing for the main attractions of the night, doing so by either having dinner from one of the food carts or getting good spots in front of the big scene where Håkan Hellström would soon strike his first chord.


  1. Baltasar   •  

    Thank you for the reviews of all the good shows. Reading the recent blogposts makes me long for a festival in the sun, discovering new interesting bands! Inspiring!

  2. LEGOLAND   •  

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