Treehouse Getaway


As a little kid we all built forts out of couch cushions and dreamed of our family living just like the Swiss Family Robinson above the rest of the world in the trees. Well now that dream can be brought to life.

Yes, as adults we can live amongst the majestic oak trees in ‘Seventh Heaven’.  ‘Seventh Heaven’ is the latest addition to the treetop house hotels in Ugglum.  The hotel at the Islanna Café & Lantkök, Ugglum. The brand new treehouse has a large balcony that lets you grab your sleeping bag and sleep under the stars! Word has it that they even hoist breakfast up to you in a basket!

This treehouse should be opening soon but in the meanwhile you and your loved ones can stay at the existing tree house Hotel Andrum outside Falköping.


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  3. Melinda Bailey   •  

    Is the tree house in sweden open yet?

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