The Spectacular Swedish Speeding Sauna

The S/S Silla on her maiden voyage

The S/S Silla on her maiden voyage

The Swedish penchant for creating the world’s ingeniously odd and yet strangely exciting innovations once again draws the world’s eye with the fastest floating sauna. “To what end?” is a question often begged of the fascinating creations the Swedish minds develop, and this latest one is no exception. The S/S Silla, the surface skimming spa’s moniker, is the creation of West Sweden’s first floating hotel Salt & Sill, and provides guests with a place to relax and unwind, as well as adding a Honeymoon suite, exhibition space and conference room to the hotels’ amenities.

SS Silla 5The S/S Silla measures 12m x 6.5m and has two floors constructed on a catamaran base allowing the jet-setting jacuzzi to reach speeds exceeding 15 knots. In contrast with Salt & Sill’s permanent mooring on Klädesholmen, an small island in West Sweden, the floating spa’s mobility will provide guests with an exciting, fully-functioning mini-hotel at sea.

The S/S Silla aims to set the world record for Fastest Floating Sauna on July 4th in Marstrandön, West Sweden at 12pm as part of the World boating championship Match Cup Sweden. In addition to being a practical addition to the Salt & Sill hotel, in typical Swedish fashion, the S/S Silla also adheres to the apparent requirement to push the limits of innovation; From sauna, to floating sauna, to the fastest floating sauna, and then throw in all the comforts of the full hotel experience just for fun and voila, the Swedish response to a simple request for a jacuzzi.

Christening the world's fastest floating sauna

Exploding Champage is always a good omen!

Exploding Champage is always a good omen!

The S/S Silla racing through the waters of West Sweden...well almost racing

The S/S Silla racing through the waters of West Sweden...well almost racing[/caption]


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