The first day of the lobster season


The first day of the lobster fishing season is so important to the people of Sweden’s west coast – it’s just as vital as the elk hunting season is to the people of the region’s lake district area, Dalsland. Many locals take the day off work to enjoy the first day of lobster fishing, their salted mackerel and lobster traps at the ready.

Renowned chef, Harald Laanemets, knows how to cook and catch lobsters successfully. He advises: “Lobsters prefer to live in rock crevices. Look for depths that slope and range from 10-15 up to 30 metres. But avoid sandy sea beds, otherwise all you’ll get are loads of crabs.”

During the first weekend of October, Harald will make a guest appearance at Kosters Trädgårdar, during the famous Harvest Festival. He will prepare lobsters and various tasty accompaniments at the event.

Another top tip from Harald: “It’s important to boil the lobster in a good size saucepan with salted water. Place the lobsters head first in the boiling water, then quickly cover with the lid. This way they die immediately.”

According to Harald, the waters along Sweden’s west coast are home to the tastiest shellfish – the best in the world.

There’s an array of different packages offered across the west coast during the Shellfish Journey(26 September – 6 November 2011), for instance Hotel Ekenäs on the South Koster island offers lobster safaris, where you can enjoy these delicious crustaceans after a breathtaking fishing trip.

Text by Maria Zihammou




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