Discover the Red Gold of Lake Vänern – Bleak Roe!

Bleak Roe - collage 01

Ulrika Gustavsson has raised the quality of the roe and launched the brand new product “Vänerlöjrom”!

Since the mid-1960s, bleak roe has been the main source of income for a group of professional fishermen in the small fishing village of Spiken, on the southern shore of Lake Vänern, outside Lidköping. On the first Sunday in November, the Day of Bleak Roe will be celebrated for the second year in a row and there is now a new brand to light up the autumn darkness – Vänerlöjrom! Continue reading…

A House by the Sea – Villa Sjötorp

Villa Sjötorp

High above the sea, just outside Ljungskile in Lyckorna, West Sweden, a beautiful white Swiss – style villa has been standing since 1901. During the two last decades of the 1800-hundereds, people from Sweden’s high society streamed to the seaside resort where they could find exclusive facilities at that time – an open-air swimming pool, an indoor bath house, a restaurant and daily steamboat- and railroad connections.

Carl Emil Haeger, a successful engineer and foundry proprietor from Lilla Edets paper factory decided to build his summer resident here over one hundred years ago. It came to be called Villa Sjötorp. During the 40:ies, the house was sold and used as a lodging house for one decade, where after it was bought back by the paper factory and used as a summer house for the factory employees. Decades later, the paper factory was sold, and the Haeger family succeeded the house.

Since the mid 90:ies, Villa Sjötorp is a 14 room boutique hotel with an award winning restaurant run by great grandchild Ellika Mogenfelt. We managed to get an interview with the chef and hotel proprietor and learnt a lot more about this ultra-charming hotel. Find out how Ellika managed to win it back and follow her dream to start up a guesthouse after a long dispute… Continue reading…

Not Your Grandmother’s Basement.


If you are looking for a world-class menu and a decadent wine selection in vibrant Gothenburg, then you have to try Basement. This bold and enjoyable bar is the product of the well-renowned owner and award-winning chef Ulf Wagner, who takes pride in his restaurant. Have a show to catch after dinner? Basement has a great three-course Theater Menu each night from 5:30 pm so you don’t have to miss your evening matinee! With a sommelier on staff, the bar has some great wines to choose from as well. Wagner uses top quality ingredients in his variety of dishes which proves to only exceed customer expectations. If you’re really feeling adventurous, you can opt to try a specially composed “Wagner’s Choice” which is a four, six, or eight course meal! Overall, this isn’t your Grandmother’s Basement, it’s the hottest spot in town.