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Then, when things are worst and nothing helps the tree’s buds break as in rejoicing, then, when no fear holds back any longer, down in glitter go the twig’s drops plunging, forget that they were frightened by the new, forget their fear before the flight unfurled –feel for a second their greatest safety, rest in that trust that creates the world.(translation by David McDuff)

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Winter paddling in nature

Sea kayaking in the winter and spring

Sea kayaking in the winter and spring. Photo: Torbjörn Söderholm

Kayaking is a great activity for getting some of that sought-after stillness and reflection. As a canoeist you get the chance to really wind down and let your thoughts wander. It’s amazing to slowly glide through the water, enjoying a break from paperwork and mobile phones. And paddling a sea-kayak in low season gives you a naked, raw, and absolutely wonderful feeling of being at one with nature. You’ll find amazing opportunities to observe the animals of the archipelago and their everyday lives.

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