Not Your Grandmother’s Basement.


If you are looking for a world-class menu and a decadent wine selection in vibrant Gothenburg, then you have to try Basement. This bold and enjoyable bar is the product of the well-renowned owner and award-winning chef Ulf Wagner, who takes pride in his restaurant. Have a show to catch after dinner? Basement has a great three-course Theater Menu each night from 5:30 pm so you don’t have to miss your evening matinee! With a sommelier on staff, the bar has some great wines to choose from as well. Wagner uses top quality ingredients in his variety of dishes which proves to only exceed customer expectations. If you’re really feeling adventurous, you can opt to try a specially composed “Wagner’s Choice” which is a four, six, or eight course meal! Overall, this isn’t your Grandmother’s Basement, it’s the hottest spot in town.