72 Hours in Gothenburg

Gothenburg Skyline

Sunvil trip planners has put together a seriously awesome 3 day city break guide to the lovely town of Gothenburg. This is perfect for all of you looking for a quick weekend getaway. Check it out:

Day One: Why not visit the Maritime Museum, explore the harbour-side preservation area of Klippans kulturreservat, and join the locals at the bustling fish market, Feskekorka (Fish Church), for lunch? Return to the centre of Gothenburg by canal cruise boat, winding your way alongside the park of Tradgardsforeningen. In the evening a cruise into the archipelago surrounding the city is highly recommended.

Day Two: Wander through the narrow seats of the Haga district with its picturesque wooden houses, popular cafes and boutique shops. Allow time in Haga to relax, watch the world go by and enjoy a tasty Kanelbullar (cinnamon bun). Continue your exploration by climbing to the hilltop fortification of Skansen Kronan (Crown keep) and Gothenburg’s most decorated church Oscar Fredrik, from where a magnificent panorama of the city awaits.

Day Three: Gothenburg boasts attractions to suit all interests and ages. Why not spend the day visiting Gothenburg’s art museum; the Liseberg amusement park – Sweden’s premier tourist attraction; shopping in Sweden’s leading indoor shopping centre (150 shops) or in the areas of Vallgraven, Haga or Linnegatan; or escape the bustle of the city and visit the beautiful manor house, gardens and restaurant of Gunnebo?

Interview: Anna Ganslandt


Introduce yourself.

My name is Anna Ganslandt and I am a visual artist.

Lovely to meet you. Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Sweden, except for some years in my childhood when I lived in Spain. I did most of my studies at the University of Gothenburg — I have a Masters degree in photography and a bachelors degree in art history — where I also teach.

What’s the art scene in Gothenburg like?

The Gothenburg art scene has suffered from being in–between the scene in Stockholm and Malmö. Stockholm, being the capital of Sweden, and Malmö, geographically close to Europe, has more Internationally connected art schools which produces vibrant art scenes.

Nevertheless there is something interesting and underground with what’s happening in Gothenburg now. The music scene, for example, is well known for being very progressive. I think that the lack of big institutions and financial means have forced our small town to create its own conditions. Gothenburg rest on its own history as an old working town; a shipping town with a dynamic shipyard and car factory, where the institutions, museums and hospitals are founded on donations.

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Gothenburg: The Avalon

Avalon Hotel

Who doesn’t love themselves a swanky, boutique, high design hotel? I can’t think of one person. The Design Hotels, are  an international hotel group, that puts design, architecture, and originality at the forefront of their business.  Lucky for us Gothenburg houses the absolutely stunning Avalon hotel ( A Design Hotel property) located in the center of the Kungsportsplatsen district.

The Avalon offers 5 star dining as well as an international bar and a wine-tasting room; a rooftop swimming pool built entirely of glass and a penthouse terrace with views Gothenburg’s main boulevards and the Storan theatre.  As we speak the City of Gothenburg is working to improve the surrounding area of Avalon Hotel and they are scheduled to open Avalon Outside, a spectacular outdoor restaurant and bar in mid April. Put it in your calendar folks.

And to top things off they are currently having a winter special “3F2”, book your stay at the Avalon with Design Hotels and just pay for two nights when staying for three.  This sweet offer has a shelf life (unfortunately) so get in before March 28 2010.

The Information:

Avalon Hotel
Kungstorget 9
SE-411 17 Gothenburg

Creators Inn by Elvine – Gothenburg’s free accomodations for creative minds

The accomodations

The accomodations

Creators Inn by Elvine – a concept devised by Elvine – a Swedish clothing brand inspired by the city of Gothenburg’s unrefined subcultures and the legacy of traditional craftsmanship, draws creators to Gothenburg, simultaneously enriching West Sweden’s culture and inspiring artists.

What is a creator you might ask? Well in their own words, “We have a very wide definition of creators. The reason for coming to town is more important than the title on your business card. We try to support up and coming creators of different kinds, the ones that would normally end up on someone’s couch…you need what we call a “valid reason” to stay at our Inn. A valid reason is some sort of creative activity, preferably together with local creators or something that incorporates the city in some way.”

Creators Inn by Elvine

Rather inspiring wouldn’t you say? Creative collaborations with no other motive than developing and encouraging creative expression. “…in addition to making the visiting creators happy and Gothenburg a more interesting city because of their presence, we hope this simple idea can be exported and implemented around the globe. What a wonderful world that would result in.”

West Sweden is rising in the ranks of creative and cultural meccas thanks to such forward thinking establishments as Creators Inn by Elvine.