Ingrid Bergman – 100-year anniversary



Ingrid Bergman is considered one of the world’s greatest female film stars of all times and gained icon status after starring against Humphrey Bogart in the film Casablanca, where she uttered the often misquoted line”- Play it, Sam. Play As Time Goes By.”  This year, Ingrid Bergman would have celebrated her 100th birthday (on the 29 August) and her strong bonds to Bohuslän is the reason why we celebrate her here, with exhibitions and guided walks in her footsteps. All lights on Ingrid!

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Walk in the footsteps of Camilla Läckberg’s crime fiction characters

Fans of Scandi-crime fiction won’t want to miss Fjällbacka during a visit to West Sweden. Neither will fans of beautiful scenery. The famous Swedish crime writer, Camilla Läckberg, sets her novels in this idyllic fishing village on the west coast, 1.5 hours drive north of Gothenburg.

Camilla Läckberg, Swedish crime writer from Fjällbacka. Photo: Bingo Rimer

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A Kayaking Adventure in the Pure Wilderness of the Archipelago


   It’s official: I am now an Outdoor Ambassador of Sweden. I spent five days in Bohuslän learning all there is to know about the outdoor pursuits and cuisine of the region, with the Outdoor Academy of Sweden. Here’s how it went:

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Sea Kayaking in a Natural Phenomenon

 At this time of the year – late summer and early fall, sea kayaking can turn into an extrordinary, magical experience! A self-glowing plankton called mareld, “sea-fire” emerges in the water along the west coast. If the water is in motion, or if you touch it, the phenomenon is even more visible. And the darker it is, the more the water glows…

Bohuslän Archipelago. By Nanne Jan de Jong,

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Come Along at Capital Cooking’s Food Adventure in West Sweden

Swedish oysters are like the U.S. women’s gymnastic team – a rare mix of power and elegance that combine to make them the world’s best.”

West Sweden Food /

Lauren DeSantis from Capital Cooking, a food and travel TV show and blog, has had the pleasure of exploring the West Swedish food scene recently. She’s been out in Bohuslän’s stunning archipelago on crayfish- and oyster safaris, stayed at Villa Sjötorp Hotel, probably Sweden’s most charming fin-de-siecle villa and indulged in West Sweden’s culinary delights. Read about her adventures in the quaint seaside resorts Ljungskile, Grebbestad and Fjällbacka:

Crayfish safari in Fjällbacka.

Oyster safari in Grebbestad.

Villa Sjötorp Hotel and Restaurant. 

Catch langoustines and enjoy a Crayfish Party in the Fjällbacka Archipelago

It all started in 1878, in the lake Hjälmaren, where over-fishing of crayfish threatened the survival of the species. A ban was imposed, which later spread to other parts of Sweden. It was not permitted to catch crayfish from the 1 November until the 7 August, which meant that the 8 August became the first day of the crayfish season. Even though the ban has long since been removed, Swedish people continue to start catching crayfish – and hold crayfish parties! – on 8 August every year. The date was probably chosen because crayfish shed their shells two to three times during the summer as they grow in size, during which they hide under stones and are extremely difficult to catch.

Crayfish party

Crayfish party

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Läckberg’s Real Fjällbacka

Photo: Hans Schub

Camilla Läckberg’s hugely successful crime novels are set in her hometown of Fjällbacka: A small idyllic fishing village perched on the rocks by the edge of the North Sea. In terms of hard-boiled crime real-life Fjällbacka hardly holds a candle to it’s fictional counterpart. It is however a beautiful–and supremely peaceful–spot to spend your vacation. (It was Ingrid Bergman’s summer hideaway for decades.) Läckberg doesn’t live there anymore, though she still visits regularly. Right now she is in the midst of the making of the film version of The Fjällbacka Murders.  We managed to catch up with her for some quick tips on where to go and what to do when there. Continue reading…

The Swedish West coast in Cannes

Cannes: Richard Ulfsäter, Claudia Galli, Camilla Läckberg and Per Hanefjord

Cannes: Richard Ulfsäter, Claudia Galli, Camilla Läckberg and Per Hanefjord

The renowned Cannes Film Festival is in full swing at the moment! It saw the unveiling of Fjällbacka Murders based on Camilla Läckberg’s crime fiction novels and filmed on Sweden’s west coast in the dreamy fishing village of Fjällbacka. The film crew and the crime novelist queen herself attended the festival, check out the pics.

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Crime à la Camilla Läckberg

Swedish crime writer Camilla Läckberg has already conquered Sweden and Europe. Now her focus is on the United States. The dream is to hit the top of the New York Times bestseller list.

She is one of the hottest crime writers in Sweden today, having sold three million books in Sweden alone and 6 million worldwide. Camilla Läckberg grew up in the picturesque fishing village of Fjällbacka, on the Swedish West Coast north of Gothenburg. And this is where all her detective stories play out.

Now her crime novels are being translated into a 10 x 90 minute television series based on the characters from her novels. The series, called “The Fjällbacka Murders” will be set in the very same small village, Fjällbacka, as she was born and where all her novels take place. “It’s the most beautiful place in the world—just to take a boat out in the archipelago is a magical adventure”, Läckberg said when we interviewed her in 2010. met with Camilla Läckberg at a book signing at the Greenwich Avenue book store Partners & Crime in New York earlier this month:

Meet the Winner!

California resident Eva Crose won a “road trip of a lifetime” in the Car Plus Vacation Contest presented by West Sweden, Volvo Overseas Delivery, and VisitSweden. Eva and her husband Gregory just returned from their long-awaited trip to Western Sweden, where they spent ten days touring the region in a rented Volvo. We called her up to hear about her trip.

So first of all, tell us a little about your trip to West Sweden.
Wow—everything was absolutely wonderful! The trip was very well arranged, the weather was perfect, and the accommodations were exemplary. And just seeing so much green and water all around us was very relaxing. We just had a wonderful time.

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