Crane Dance and Cheese Experience by Lake Hornborgasjön

To discover new places, enjoy good food and meet colourful people with exciting stories to tell sounds like the perfect day out to me. If you have never set foot in the Västergötland Region, or visited Lake Hornborgasjön – one of Europe’s most important wetlands, I will try to explain what makes this place so very special.


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The Crane Dance at Hornborgarsjön

Cranes at Hornborgarsjön. Photo: Jonas Ingman

Every year several flocks of cranes (in Swedish “tranor”) gather at Hornborgarsjön, an inland lake in the west of Sweden that is considered to be one of Sweden’s best bird lakes.  The first flocks usually arrive in the middle of March, but their exact arrival depends on how far a long spring has come.  It is then typical to see thousands of cranes gathering by the lake until the end of April, when it is time for them to fly further north to their nesting areas. Continue reading…