Meet the Winner!

California resident Eva Crose won a “road trip of a lifetime” in the Car Plus Vacation Contest presented by West Sweden, Volvo Overseas Delivery, and VisitSweden. Eva and her husband Gregory just returned from their long-awaited trip to Western Sweden, where they spent ten days touring the region in a rented Volvo. We called her up to hear about her trip.

So first of all, tell us a little about your trip to West Sweden.
Wow—everything was absolutely wonderful! The trip was very well arranged, the weather was perfect, and the accommodations were exemplary. And just seeing so much green and water all around us was very relaxing. We just had a wonderful time.

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Congratulations Eva!

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Let us introduce California resident Eva Morato-Crose who is the winner of the Car Plus Vacation contest hosed by West Sweden, VisitSweden and Volvo Overseas Delivery.

Eva won her dream vacation—a road trip of a lifetime in West Sweden where she will be driving around and experience highlights such as Oyster safari in Grebbestad, the Sea Lodge in Smögen and the Garden Society of Gothenburg. View her full itinerary that she picked out herself here.

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I am a trained nutritionist, but at the moment I work as a mental heath community support worker. I support parents who have children with difficulties; I help them find resources to serve their children better.

My husband and I are celebrating our thirtieth wedding anniversary in July, so this trip came as a very pleasant surprise—we’ll celebrate our anniversary in Sweden!

What is your relationship to Sweden?

I’ve never been to Sweden, but I’ve always wanted to visit. I used to have a camp counselor as a kid who was Swedish—she was such a fun-loving, warm, and nice person. I’ve wanted to visit Sweden ever since. I want to see if the country is as warm as she was!

What are your previous travel experiences?

I haven’t traveled much at all. I have always been in school, working, or raising children so I haven’t been able to travel much. The only place I have been to so far is Canada, and I am originally from the Dominican Republic. I guess that’s why I entered the contest. I am at a point in my life where I’m finally able to travel—my youngest son is twenty-one years old and he recently moved away from home. Plus, I love exploring different cultures.

Can you tell us a bit about your expectations for this trip?

I just expect to have a wonderful time, meet a lot of interesting people, and create lots of new memories. I look forward to learning more about Sweden and its culture.

Well Eva, we are sure you’ll enjoy West Sweden and we look forward to hosting you and your husband!

Car Plus Vacation, Last Year’s Winner.

Gothenburg! We wanted to find out just how amazing her trip was so we asked her a few questions. Enjoy!

Mary-Jordon in Gothenburg! We wanted to find out just how amazing her trip was so we asked her a few questions. Enjoy!

1) What was your first impression of Sweden?
I was taken by how well kept everything was there. Anywhere you looked it could have been a view from a postcard.

2) What was on your itinerary?
We began our tour in Gothenberg, then headed north along the coast. After we got our Volvo loaner, we visited Klädesholmen, the Nordic Watercolor Museum (and saw an Andrew Wyeth exhibit, funnily enough), Handelsman Flink on the Flatön island, and the Vitlycke Museum in Tanumshede. Later we traveled to Fjällbacka and tooled around the village while waiting for our ride out to Väderöarnas Guest house. On our way back for one last night in Gothenberg, we stopped for lunch at Villa Sjötorp.

3) What was the greatest culture shock that you saw/experienced while in Sweden?
Coming from the sometimes chaotic New York City, I was surprised to see such order in Gothenburg. It was evident that the Swedish Government devotes a great deal of resources to making the country a pleasant place to live.

4) The beauty in making your own travel itinerary is that you could tailor your trip to your liking – What was your favorite part?
I appreciated getting off what I would consider the beaten path and seeing the Swedish countryside and the more remote sights. We traveled the backroads instead of the E6 whenever possible and enjoyed the farmlands.

5) Is there anything that you left off of your itinerary that you wished you were able to do or see?
Too many to list. I will have to go back one day and see so much more!

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