Get in Shape with West Swedish Races

Photo: Göran Assner


It’s easy to make New Year’s resolutions regarding your health when you’re standing there watching the fireworks with a glass of champagne in your hand, but it’s a lot harder to keep. Yet, the time has come to pick yourself up and put on your running shoes, because 2016 is the year you become stronger and start taking care of yourself. You need to get going and keep going. Continue reading…

Winter and spring kayaking in Bohuslän opens for new seasons

Winter kayaking in Bohuslän

Canoeists who venture out into a snow-covered Bohuslän are met by an open natural landscape that gives a genuine feeling of existing in the here and now. Kayak rental operator Fredrik Lundkvist at Stångenäs Kayak in Lysekil invites you on a journey where the barren landscape of Bohuslän with its smooth and salt-covered granite cliffs is combined with comfortable places to stay and flavoursome meals. Launch your kayak into the fresh, salty sea – and enjoy!
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The Dalsland Canoe Marathon+ – How Sian Lewis of Health and Fitness Magazine Embraced the Challenge

Sweden’s largest canoe event – the Dalsland Canoe Marathon – recently celebrated its tenth year, with hundreds of paddlers all keen to complete the 55 km / 34 mile course in the fastest time possible! The annual race, is held on the second weekend of August each year, takes place in Dalsland’s lush, forests and sparkling glacial lakes, with canoeists traversing the four lakes – Laxsjön, Svärdlång, Västra Silen, and Lelång – with water so pure, you can drink it. It is open to all abilities (there’s even a shorter course for kids) and participants celebrate in Swedish style with a crayfish party afterwards.

The Marathon! Photo: Anna Nyberg

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Dalsland Canoe Marathon: An Impossible Challenge?

“But you hate canoeing. And you have that weird fear, right? Raftophobia or something?”
“It’s bathophobia – and I don’t hate canoeing. I’m just not very good at it.”

Will Jones, My Destination and his friend Andy participating in Dalsland Canoe Marathon+

Will Jones, My Destination and his friend Andy participating in Dalsland Canoe Marathon+

For the record, bathophobia is not a fear of baths. It is a fear of deep water. Especially contained deep water, such as a lake. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember, despite being a perfectly capable swimmer. And as for canoeing, ‘not very good’ was putting it lightly. I’d only ever done it once before and it had ended with me literally going round in circles before unceremoniously capsizing, and then panicking because my feet didn’t touch the bottom.

Perhaps my other half was right to be concerned. I had just told her I’d accepted an offer to take part in a canoe marathon in the lakes of Dalsland, West Sweden, in a few days’ time.
“What about training? It’s a marathon – they’re like 26 miles, aren’t they? Surely you need to train?”
“Actually,” I swallowed hard, “it’s 35 miles. But they said anyone can give it a go. I’ll be fine!”

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Dalsland: Outdoor adventures!

biking dalsland

Had enough of the shopping, lounging, and eating? Well Dalsland is the perfect destination for your next trip. The beautiful yet rugged terrain is built for outdoor sports, hiking and biking.

In fact Dalsland, which is only 2 hours north of Gothenburg, has become a destination for MBO or Mountain Bike Orientating as they just hosted the annual event on May 8th which will drew thousands of bikers from all over.  The total course length of MTB-O is around 40 kilometres  divided into three stages. So channel your inner Lance Armstrong and gear up!  If you have no idea what MBO is, it “ most closely resembles ski orienteering, except on a bike, where the choice of route between the control points is more of a deciding factor than difficult control points.”

And, if you prefer water to land then get in a canoe! Dalsland also hosts an annual canoe race (which is run by the same people as the MBO event). Don’t regret your vacation feasts and get outdoors and a little sweaty in Dalsland.