Swedens sea turns Green

Kosterhavets opens this September

Kosterhavets opens this September

Sustainability meets biodiversity at Kosterhavet, Sweden’s first marine national park opening this month off the Bohuslan coast near Stromstad. It’s always great when new environmental protections are established, but often they come at the cost of local and sometimes national industrial objections. Kosterhavet actually occupies one of the most important fishing grounds in the region for prawns, lobsters, crabs, and shellfish, and has also set into place rules and regulations to preserve the industry in the national park. In line with the trendy, but nonetheless important green movement, Kosterhavet will allow sustainable fishing practices, combining industry and nature in a model that would be wonderful if we could expand and apply to more of the planets resources.

Humans have always held a fascination for the sea and it’s utterly foreign environment, largely because it’s so mysterious. Kosterhavet, will cover 450 square kilometers of the richest and most diverse seascape in Sweden with over 6000 different species 200+ of which exist nowhere else. The Koster-Väderö Fjord, located within the park runs to the Atlantic ocean and brings a high salinity to the waters driving evolution to develop unique creatures. The park will help draw tourism to explore this unique environment whilst preserving the marine environment and the traditional fishing industry.

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