Sweden offers Nature’s Best

Natures Best

Natures Best

In line with Swedens attitude towards eco conservationism and the green movement, a national eco-tourism certification was created during the UN’s International Eco-Tourism Year 2002, identifying companies and activities that practice responsible tourism and eco-friendly tours.

Natures Best was created to help raise awareness of and promote eco-tourism in Sweden and has been designed to guarantee a high quality travel experience, in combination with an actively responsible attitude to protecting nature, a more environmentally friendly way to travel, and a caring attitude to the people and culture of the destination.

West Sweden has 8 experiences that have received Natures Best eco-certification, including sea kayaking, lobster safariing, and wool handling on local farms. Given the current need to keep our environment as sustainable as possible, Natures Best is a great way to enjoy your visit to West Sweden and keep your eco-footprint as small as possible. Check out more things great activities in West Sweden here or for a full list of the 124 Natures Best certified experiences in the whole of Sweden check out the Natures Best website.

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