Summer in the City – Gothenburg

Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city, is located on the west coast. The fantastic archipelago is easily reached by a 30-minute tram ride from the city centre.  Closeness to the sea results in top-quality, fresh fish and seafood and Gothenburg was appointed the Culinary Capital of Sweden 2012 making it a gastronomic hotspot in Northern Europe. Simply put, Gothenburg is a perfect destination during the summer with the combination of a vibrant city and breath-taking archipelago. Since there is so much to choose from, here comes a guide of our top reccomendations for a wonderful Gothenburg summer!

Gothenburg. Photo: Kjell Holmner


During the summer, Gothenburg hosts a number of international music festivals and concerts right the centre of town there among Way out West and the Culture Festival

Way out West

Way Out West is a three-day music festival held in Gothenburg, Sweden, during August that plays host to a variety of popular music artists mainly from the rock, electronic and hip-hop genres. The main festival is complimented with the club concept Stay Out West which features after-hours gigs at various venues around the city.

Way Out West won the MTV award for the most innovative festival 2011 and on the top ten list of festivals in Europe by the Independent 2012.

Way Out West. Photo: Göran Assner

The Gothenburg Culture Festival 

In August Gothenburg will culturally explode when the Gothenburg Culture Festival takes place! Streets and squares turn into festive places where you can indulge in a rich variety of culture – in the broadest sense. Everyone is invited and admission is free! With 1.3 million visitors in 2012 and traditions from the early 1990s, the Gothenburg Culture Festival is one of Sweden’s largest city festivals.

Food and Drink 

During the summer open-air restaurants and cafés can be found all over town in Gothenburg. A perfect way to enjoy weather and good food!

Bar Himmel

This large open-air  restaurant and bar is located on the rooftop of Michelin restaurant Fond, outside the Gothenburg Museum of Art. Grab a drink or something to eat from the grill menu and enjoy the amazing view of the main boulevard. Also, this is known as one of the most sunny spots in the city.

Norda Bar & Grill 

The terrace at Norda Bar & Grill  is one of the latest additions to the alfresco bar scene in Gothenburg. The restaurant has a continental vibe and excellent cocktails, with a dinner concept fusing the Swedish west coast and the American east coast.

Norda Bar & Grill at Clarion Post. // Emelie Lager

Fun in the Park 

Slottsskogen (translated “Castle’s forest)  is Gothenburgs main city park. The contrast between nature and the surrounding urban environment makes it an intriguing setting. During the summer months the park transforms into a meeting place for the city’s inhabitants to stroll, picnic and barbecue. You can also  visit the park’s zoo and see elks, Gotland ponies, Gute sheep and other Nordic animals. In the summer, there is a petting zoo with piglets and kid goats.


For a good time and memories you won’t forget, the amusement park Liseberg is a must! There are about 40 different attractions and rides there, such as AtmosFear, the tallest free fall in Europe and the award-winning wooden roller coaster Balder. In the Liseberg Wheel you can enjoy the view from above. The park also offers good food, dance and music, games and hundreds of thousands of pretty flowers.

Balder, Liseberg´s Famous Roller coaster. Photo: Göteborg & co

Visit the Archipelago

The Gothenburg archipelago stretches along the coast like a string of pearls. You don’t have to travel far from the city to find charming villages, stunning nature and beaches. Seal safaris, sea-fishing and boat excursions are just some of the activities available on the west coast.

The car-free southern archipelago has a mix of islands, large and small, and Asperö, Brännö, Köpstadsö, Styrsö, Vrångö and Donsö are permanently inhabited all year round. The southern archipelago is a little closer to the city centre than the northern archipelago, and you can easily get out to the islands via Saltholmen with the same ticket that you
use for other public transport.


Gothenburg Archipelago. Photo: Jorma Valkonen

Styrsö  is in the middle of the southern islands with around 1400 inhabitants. Post office, shops, cafés, guesthouse, restaurant and more all available here. There are plenty of places to swim, be that a child-friendly sandy beach, a pier or cliffs. There are also great fishing spots on the south side of the island.

Styrsö. Photo: Göran Assner

Gothenburg City Card

Gothenburg City Card gives you free entrance to plenty of sights, attractions, museums and day trips. Free parking and unlimited travel on trams, buses and boats are also included. You also recieve a book of discount shopping coupons with offers in selected stores. Buy it here!


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