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Walkable distances and a wide variety of stores offering local design make Gothenburg an excellent place to shop, let’s take a look at some top places to score the latest in Swedish chic.

The area around Vallgatan is a hotspot for those looking to add a few accents to their home. Krytpon Form, a design firm working mainly in industrial design, has a store on Vallgatan 17 where they sell items of their own production. Across the street at Vallgatan 14 is Designtorget, which specializes in young, up-and-coming designers, but also has classics such as the “String” shelving systems. Norrgavel on Magasingatan 22 (corner of Vallgatan) is the place to go for tried-and-true sleek Swedish furniture and interior design.

Design-shopping in Gothenburg. Photo: Nicho Södling /

Vallgatan also offers design of the more wearable variety. If you’re a fan of high quality denim, you will want to check out Nudie, a local brand whose concept store can be found at Vallgatan 15. (You will feel extra virtuous knowing your new duds are made from all-organic cotton!)

Nudie Jeans is a progressive Swedish jeans brand based in Gothenburg. It’s a committed company awarded for being both ecologically and ethically sustainable. From second half of 2012 the denim collection is made of 100 % organic cotton. Photo: Ulf Lundin/

Emma & Malena on Vallgatan 4, leans toward mid-century marine leisure wear with a dash of saltwater glamour. Think Brigitte Bardot on vacation, or the leading lady in some New Wave flick. Besides their eponymous brand, this store, decorated to look like 1920s apartment, also carries a variety of other independent designers.

Most stores in Gothenburg are within walking distance, but taking that streetcar once in a while can be a nice break for your feet.

Finally, if you’re like me, the best part of visiting a museum is going to the shop. So take the streetcar one stop to indulge your inner design maven and browse the large selection at books at the Gothenburg Museum of Art, or furniture and objects at design museum Röhsska’s store. (After checking out the exhibition of course, you don’t want to look like a complete philistine.)

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