Sausages – On the Lookout for Amazing Scandinavian Sausages

It is almost impossible not to notice how much Swedes love sausages. Native varieties include Isterband, Falukorv, Prinskorv – the very local speciality Grynkorv, and a slightly more unusual goat sausage.

Swedish Isterband. Photo: Jakob Fridholm/

I have experienced this love of sausages at very close quarters, says Maria Zihammou a native Swede and food enthusiast. My granddad was something of a sausage expert without even knowing it. I was often sent to the small butcher’s shop on Kyrkogatan in Åmål to buy Stångkorv or Falukorv for him. This love of sausages and traditional Swedish dishes was something he shared with many of his generation.

Today, we are surrounded by sausages from many different countries. Because of this, an old fashioned Swedish hotdog stand can feel like a wonderful place to enjoy a sausage. This is especially true if the kiosk itself has been in the same location for a long time. Like the one in my neighbourhood which has served hotdogs since the 1930s. Here, you can enjoy a sausage with real mashed potato. The local speciality ‘Halv special’ sells like hotcakes – a boiled or grilled sausage in a hotdog bun, with a spoonful of mash, topped with strong, sweet mustard and a little ketchup. A Pucko Chocolate Milk completes this little slice of heaven.


Swedish Prinskorv. Photo: Per-Erik Berglund/

A variety with the Italian-sounding name Goat Salsiccia has made sausage enthusiasts very happy. At the competition Matverk 2013, the jury fell for a sausage that was clearly handmade. A sausage made of pure ingredients from the fauna and flora of a meadow. The Goat Salsiccia was created by the chef Per Åke Jern and Elisabeth Forsdal, who breeds goats at the farm Näsbön in Dals-Ed. This sausage would be a welcome addition at all well-stocked charcuteries and hotdog stands.

Perhaps I ought to call for a regional sausage competition. Imagine if my favourite hotdog vendor was to start serving locally sourced sausages, made by hand from great ingredients. This is how I would like to see the future of Swedish sausage culture, to ensure that we remain a force to be reckoned with in the world of sausages for many years to come.


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