Saturday at Way Out West

Saturday is the second and final day of the festival, which means that you have to cram in as much as possible in order to really suck the marrow out of the music and the people. After yesterday’s release, with Prince and then an almost religious experience in Annedalskyrkan, we could easily have been content with ending the festival there and then. As a matter of fact, your bloggers lost their voices during the night, probably connected to the screaming of the Purple Rain-chorus. Hopefully it’s back for Kanye West, which needless to say is the main thing going on around here today.

A great feature with an urban festival like Way Out West, as opposed to the likes of Glastonbury, is that people go to apartments or hotels during the night. This means that you can sit here at the site, sipping an espresso after lunch, and watch gorgeous people walk in like they’ve just arrived from a fashion spa. Two days in to the party, the site as well as the visitors would have been smelling wrecks by now if we all had slept here in tents. A shower, seven hours of sleep and a fresh pair of Acne Jeans later, you can’t help but feel ready to seize the day.

Aside from Kanye, there are a lot of nuggets awaiting us today. British pop act Pulp, with frontman and superstar Jarvis Cocker is an obvious choice, better than you would expect and not at all a retro act.

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti is something else, different from all of the other acts at the festival, and will enter the stage at nine. The patchwork of soulfunkgrunge is really something special.

Kanye, Pulp and Ariel Pink are of course obvious choices for the music connoisseur. A less obvious choice is to enjoy Fibes, Oh Fibes, a tremendous Gothenburg trio (used to be a big band), playing white soulpop in direct decendance from yesterday’s Prince. If you want to sample something local, yet global in tone and stage performance, you should meet us at Trägårn after midnight. Trädgårn means “the garden” and is a very special venue; it’s really a garden and afterwards you can easily sneak out and enjoy the botanical wonders surrounding the stage.

In conclusion, Saturday is filled with a wide selection of events and we can’t wait to indulge ourselves. See you at the site, or maybe at Trädgårn? Now we’re heading for a proper dinner consisting of organic pancakes…

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