Get in Shape with West Swedish Races

Photo: Göran Assner


It’s easy to make New Year’s resolutions regarding your health when you’re standing there watching the fireworks with a glass of champagne in your hand, but it’s a lot harder to keep. Yet, the time has come to pick yourself up and put on your running shoes, because 2016 is the year you become stronger and start taking care of yourself. You need to get going and keep going.

However, to get going and keep going all year, you need to find motivation. That’s why you ought to sign up for a race. It gives you something to work towards, a goal that simply give you a concrete reason to why you should exercise. And why not sign up for a race here in West Sweden?


I signed up for my first race two years ago to push myself and start running. It gave me something concrete to aim for – to complete the race and not finish last. And it helped. In the beginning of January, I started running three times a week and within the next three months I’d finished my first race, and I finished far from last. It’s an incredible feeling crossing the finish line knowing you’ve reached your goal.


Foto: Anna Nyberg

Photo: Anna Nyberg


Here’s a list of races in West Sweden that might be something to use as motivation.



16th of April – Kungälvsloppet – Kungälv

23rd of April – Skärgårdsmilen – Hönö

1st of May – Aktivitus Trail Race – Gothenburg

10th of May – VårRuset – Gothenburg

21st of May – Göteborgsvarvet – Gothenburg

20th of August – Midnattsloppet – Gothenburg

1st to 4th of September – IcebugXperience – Ramsvik

1st of October – Dalsland X-Trail – Bengtsfors


Obstacle course

23rd of April – Tough Viking – Gothenburg

16th of May – Action Run – Borås



30th of April – Dalsland X-Country – Bengtsfors

13th of August – Dalslands Kanot Maraton – Bengtsfors

20th of August – Ten Island Race/Swimrun – Öckerö Islands

Date yet to come – Koster Swimrun – Koster Islands


Text: Frida Tverelv

Photo: Göran Assner, Anna Nyberg

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