Premiere for the black gold of the West Sea

The start of the lobster season at Resö island

The start of the lobster season at Resö island

Today marks the start of the lobster season here in West Sweden! Sweden’s west coast is full of life right  now and people have taken time off work to go out fishing. Old and young, everybody wants to catch the black gold sea of the sea – lobster. Ever since 30 April, locals have been waiting to fish for lobster again and finally it’s time! According to fisherman Lennart Johansson – who is from the island of Styrsö in the Gothenburg archipelago – the start of the lobster season is the west coast’s equivalent to elk hunting, another big event in Sweden.

Here on the west coast, these large black Shellfish live in fairly shallow water (3-40 m) on the rocky and cliff-bound seabed. There, they grow slowly in the cold water and the taste is divine. Lennart says fishermen have their favorite spots to place their lobster traps. He has a trick where he tows the traps behind the boat. When they shrug it means they have hit pebbles. There, near the rocks, he then throws in the traps. It takes a little longer, but according to Lennart, it is worth it because he usually catches more lobsters!

Last year’s best lobsters were sold at the fish auction in Gothenburg for a record price of 31,000 SEK a kilo. Lobsters are considered luxury commodities belonging to the autumn, as well as Christmas and New Year, but there are actually really affordable packages  available that offer people the chance to go lobster fishing and enjoy a lobster dinner.

Some things, you can only enjoy when they are in season. Lobster Fishing is an autumn activity, so take the opportunity to experience our current package deals. Click on the links below for more information and booking.

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