Places to swim in West Sweden

Places to swim in West Sweden

Summer is here! This is obvious from the number of people on our beaches, cliffs and piers. To me, this really is a sign that summer has arrived! West Sweden offers a broad range of different places to swim, with everything from long, soft beaches by a lake to warm, smooth cliffs by the sea.

Most people have their own favourite places to take a dip. Some of our favourites we are happy to reveal to others, but there are also some we like to keep to ourselves. West Sweden has lots of nice places to swim, both in fresh and seawater. Below are a few of the many lovely places to swim in this region. I am not going to keep any of them to myself, but am happy to share this information so that more people can enjoy them. I hope you will!


The Koster Islands
The Koster Island – Sydkoster and Nordkoster- are idyllic locations offering plenty of peace and quiet. Both islands are car-free and surrounded by Sweden’s first marine national park, Kosterhavet. Koster has more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in Sweden, so surely this is the perfect place for a swim? Choose between glorious sandy beaches and smooth rocks with great views of the ocean. Passenger ferries for the Koster Islands depart daily from Strömstad.

Places to swim in West Sweden
Marmorbassängen, Hållö
This is a real paradise! A paradise for those of us who like to catch the sun, then dive into the sea. Clear water, red granite rocks and a shimmering green seabed. It is not difficult to find your own private cliff to sunbathe on, or your own special spot for a swim. The rocks are fairly steep, which means that you need to be able to swim to be safe. For families with children, I recommend the bay Hållö Tångar, in the northern part of the island. Passenger ferries for Hållö depart daily from Smögen. The island has a lovely youth hostel, so you don’t have to go back in the afternoon, but can stay and enjoy this great place for a few more days.


Knarrbysjöbadet, Åmål
Dalsland has more lakes than any other Swedish region – one of them is Knarrbysjön in Fengersfors – This is a real gem, offering grassed areas, piers and a beach volleyball pitch for anyone who prefers land-based activities.

Places to swim in West Sweden


Flatabadet, Ulricehamn
Flatabadet is the perfect place to take the family and a picnic basket on a warm day. This is a small and friendly place to swim. If you like leaping into the water from a great height, there is a diving tower available. There are also jetties and a changing room.


Åsen Halna, Töreboda
Töreboda is beautifully located by Göta Canal – between the lakes Vänern and Vättern. By the lake Viken is Åsen, a pleasant family-friendly place to swim with lovely clear water.


Vitsand, Tiveden
Vitsand, by the lake Stora Trehörningen, deep inside Tiveden National Park is the place for anyone wishing to get close to nature. Glorious sandy beaches and shallow water next to a forest make this the perfect choice for swimmers of all ages.


Wherever you are in West Sweden, I hope you find your own special place to swim. Perhaps one of my suggestions above will become a favourite? Sunbathe, swim, and above all enjoy your summer!


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