Harvest Time – On the Lookout for Food in the Forest.

Summer may be almost over, but this is the time to fill your larder with all the tasty ingredients the forest has to offer. I’m talking about everything from mushrooms to game. Because what could beat a heap of freshly picked golden chanterelles? Fried in butter and gently salted, served on a slice of tasty bread. A simple pleasure, and almost free. Talking about mushrooms, I do hope this is a good year for ceps. This proud member of the Boletus family, with its nutty flavour is a fine addition to any kitchen. This is something that the Italians know well. They go mad for this particular mushroom and will buy as much of it as they can get their hands on. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that the dried ceps sold in our delicatessens under an Italian label were actually picked in Sweden.

Get Funghi organizes guided mushroom picking in holidays in Sweden – a perfect way to experience the mushrooms first-hand!

Mushroom Picking! Photo: Jonas Ingman

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The Dalsland Canoe Marathon+ – How Sian Lewis of Health and Fitness Magazine Embraced the Challenge

Sweden’s largest canoe event – the Dalsland Canoe Marathon – recently celebrated its tenth year, with hundreds of paddlers all keen to complete the 55 km / 34 mile course in the fastest time possible! The annual race, is held on the second weekend of August each year, takes place in Dalsland’s lush, forests and sparkling glacial lakes, with canoeists traversing the four lakes – Laxsjön, Svärdlång, Västra Silen, and Lelång – with water so pure, you can drink it. It is open to all abilities (there’s even a shorter course for kids) and participants celebrate in Swedish style with a crayfish party afterwards.

The Marathon! Photo: Anna Nyberg

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The forthcoming World Food Travel Summit in Gothenburg – Interview with Executive Director, Erik Wolf

Hundreds of food and travel companies from across the globe will gather at the World Food Travel Summit in Gothenburg, West Sweden (21-24 September) 

Cod with Fresh Potatoes. Photo: Jonas Ingman

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Way Out West, Evening of day 3

At 6:30 PM, Cat Power came on stage, and the audience was rather large, as it had started to gather for the very last shows of the festival. Cat Power has a very nice, relaxed and a somewhat hoarse-sounding voice, and she sang emotionally to her great songs. Her show was quite minimalistic, but the tunes in themselves carried the show. When Cat Power had finished, there was only two more shows that we wanted to see before the festival ended – Kendrick Lamar and Alicia Keys – and to prepare for those very last hours of music, we went to one of the food trolleys in Slottsskogen, and had some Asian food, this time some fresh noodle salads.

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Way Out West, Day 3

It is the third and final day of Way Out West, and even though an amount of tiredness has started to set in, we are still looking forward towards seeing the last artist’s shows. The first part of the day started with rain, and walking towards Slottsskogen, we crossed our fingers that the drizzle should stop or at least not turn into heavy rain. When we entered the area, we ate some tacos and hurried down to the Flamingo stage to see Swedish band Dungen perform. Dungen plays music influenced by folk music and psychedelic 1970s style music, but has expressly dissented to being labelled a Swedish progg band, as the band does not have a political message. Their performance was very energetic and fun, but we did not have time to see the full show, as Ravi Coltrane, the son of jazz legend John Coltrane, was performing at the same time. Ravi Coltrane’s jazz was speedy and up-beat, led by Ravi’s saxophone playing, and we really enjoyed it.

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Way Out West, Evening of day 2

As the clock struck 7:40 PM, one of Sweden’s biggest and most well-liked pop artists Håkan Hellström entered the stage singing one of his many hit songs “Jag har varit i alla städer”, accompanied by the harmonica. The huge crowd joined in on the singing, knowing all the lyrics by heart, and Håkan Hellström declared that he was very happy to finally perform at Way Out West again after three years since the last time, and that he had gladly accepted, when he was asked just the week before the festival. Håkan Hellström is from Gothenburg and it is hard to think of anybody with such a loyal and big fanbase as he has, so the crowd was positively bursting with joy at every thing Håkan Hellström did. The repertoire consisted of most of his biggest hits as well as some songs from his latest album, such as “Det kommer aldrig vara över för mig“.

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Way Out West, Day 2

The second day of Way Out West began with – after starting up with a large lunch to refuel before another day full of concerts – watching Rodriguez perform. Before we got to his stage, we caught a glimpse of Giorgio Moroder, a legend within the field of electronic music. Even though it was bright daylight people were dancing to his 1980s sounding disco music quite fanatically. Rodriguez’ show, in contrast, felt very laid back and much calmer. The audience was big for an early afternoon show, and everybody was listening appreciatively to the songs.

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Way Out West, Day 1

The first day of the Way Out West festival has ended, and before we go to bed and get some much needed sleep before the next day kicks off, we wait around for a while and sum up the impressions from day 1. Entering the area in the afternoon, we got our first glimpses of the all the expectant people as they were queueing up to enter the festival area in Slottsskogen. People were laughing, talking upbeat about plans for the day, and looking large-eyed on all the decorations spread out over Slottsskogen, in the purple-yellowish colors of this year’s Way Out West. A couple of kids were playing agreeable street music with brass instruments, taking the opportunity to play for a large and openminded audience.

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