Picnic – Global and local summer pleasures

Picnic by the sea. Photo: Jonas Ingman

Picnic by the sea. Photo: Jonas Ingman

Picnicking is a summer activity centred around food, friends, family and lazy days in the sun. Bring a portable barbecue to cook your fish, meat or vegetables. The fish could be freshly caught in a lake in a remote part of Dalsland or coastal mackerel from Grebbestad – it’s a matter of personal taste, and a difficult choice. Try both and give yourself an unbeatable experience of what the unspoilt Swedish nature has to offer.

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Swedish Midsummer in our hearts

Smögen midsommardans - Foto Emelie Person
After the country’s long dark winters, Midsummer is hugely celebrated, as its days are some of the lightest in the year. Midsummer is therefore particularly close to the hearts of many Swedes. Join me on a trip to Smögen in the Bohuslän region and experience how Midsummer is traditionally celebrated – plenty of singing, dancing around maypoles, girls with flowers in their hair, pickled herring with new potatoes and soured cream…as well as fresh strawberries and a great deal of schnapps!
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Munkängarna - Foto: Monika Manowska

Hannu waxes lyrical about wild garlic

The flowering mountain of Kinnekulle is a mecca for anyone interested in plants and gardening. This is where the King of Flowers, Hannu Sarenström, is the first to welcome spring from his farm in Hällekis; together with his Labrador Aile and the area’s trendiest spring bulb – Wild Garlic!
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Sustainable food from the sea

Its texture is soft and smooth and it has an agreeable sweetness and a salty scent, just like most other types of shellfish. Mussels are bursting with nutrition and can still be enjoyed with a clear environmental conscience. Because mussels are good for the ocean. They purify the water and reduce over-fertilisation, and in my opinion they are also a good example of really smart fast food.

Fresh cooked mussels in Ljungskile, photo: Emelie Persson

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God Jul – Merry Christmas from West Sweden!

Sweden is a hive of activity at this time of year, with preparations being put in place for Christmas celebrations and Christmas concerts galore. However, by mid-afternoon on Christmas Eve, everything is ready and the whole country puts its feet up in front of the TV to enjoy the annual tradition of watching Disney movies!

Swedish Christmas tree decorations. Photo: Helena Wahlman/imagebank.sweden.se

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Lucia − the Bearer of Light

Lucia, together with Midsummer, is one of main cultural Swedish traditions. The festivities around Lucia have been going on for 400 years and  Lucia herself is an ancient mythical figure with an long-lasting role as a bearer of light in the dark Swedish winters.

Lucia and her maidens! Photo: Cecilia Larsson/imagebank.sweden.se

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Gothenburg the Christmas City

Combining contemporary Swedish design and a warm sense of tradition, Gothenburg lights the way to Christmas. From the central harbor, a three kilometer (about 2 miles) ‘Lane of Lights’ guides you through the city to stylish outdoor lighting displays, along the main boulevard to Liseberg Amusement Park and its famous Christmas market.

Gothenburg the Christmas City. Photo: goteborg.com/Dick Gillberg

The Christmas City. Photo: goteborg.com/Dick Gillberg

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