Evert Taube Festival, Ängön

Visitors enjoy their favourite Evert Taube songs in the Bohuslän archipelago. The performing artists are some of Sweden´s finest such as Sven-Bertil Taube and Peter Harryson. It was on the island of Ängön that famous Swedish singer/songwriter, Evert Taube, wrote some of his finest songs during the 1940’s.

Gothia Cup

The largest and most international youth football event in the world, with competitors from 50-60 countries in over 1,350 teams.

Hova Jousting Week

Each year, a medieval week is held in Hova, about two hours from Göteborg, to celebrate a famous battle. A jousting festival with all manner of activities for the whole family is part of nine days of events attracting over 100,000 visitors. See the biggest medieval parade in the Norse countries as villages turn out in costume. There is also a medieval playground called ‘Barnens Riddarland’ for the little knights and princesses.

Match Cup Sweden

The Swedish Match Cup resurrects under a new name – Match Cup Sweden. Some 100,000 visitors throng the cliffs and quaysides of Marstrand to follow the gripping match races which attract sailing competitors from the Olympics, World and European Championships and America’s Cup.

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Metaltown / Pier Pressure

International music festival with around 30 bands playing during two days including Monster Magnet, Killswitch Engage, Bullet For My Valentine, Amon Amarth, Witchcraft and Nifelheim. At Frihamnspiren, Gothenburg

Midsummer’s Eve

Midsummer is one of the most popular holidays in Sweden – it’s a celebration of summer and of the long light nights. Most Swedes take to the countryside for public and private parties, which comprise dressing the Midsummer Pole with fresh leaves and flowers for children and grown-ups alike to dance around. Midsummer is celebrated all over Sweden the weekend nearest Midsummer’s Day itself, 24 June. Below are examples of public midsummer celebrations in West Sweden on 21 June.