International success for Nordic flavours

A few years ago, the Scandinavian cuisine became really hot, when the Danish restaurant Noma found new ways of preparing vegetables, berries, seafood and meat from our region, different from anything we had ever seen before. All of a sudden, gourmets and food journalists from all over the world showed an interest in our Swedish cooking traditions. And other chefs joined the trend and started making room for both tradition and innovative creativity in their kitchens.

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A spooky foodie weekend at Läckö

Did you know that the most beautiful man in the world used to live at Läckö Castle?
Yes, it’s true – at least in the 17th century. Count Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie was the world’s sexiest man in the 1600s. According to the women, he had it all: charm, looks, sensitivity, rhythm and anunusually high level of emotional intelligence. And this was well-known, even outside Sweden…

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Discover the Red Gold of Lake Vänern – Bleak Roe!

Bleak Roe - collage 01

Ulrika Gustavsson has raised the quality of the roe and launched the brand new product “Vänerlöjrom”!

Since the mid-1960s, bleak roe has been the main source of income for a group of professional fishermen in the small fishing village of Spiken, on the southern shore of Lake Vänern, outside Lidköping. On the first Sunday in November, the Day of Bleak Roe will be celebrated for the second year in a row and there is now a new brand to light up the autumn darkness – Vänerlöjrom! Continue reading…

Swedish drinks – From milk to schnapps

This year’s harvest of Sweden’s tastiest seasonal fruit and berries is currently hanging on branches in my neighbourhood. The trees are heavy with bright red tart apples and light green juicy pears. Heaven for a drink producer with the ability to transform freshly picked fruits and berries into mealtime refreshments.Qvänum Mat & Malt - kollage 1 kopia Continue reading…

Exciting Lobster Safari in Bohuslän

In Bohuslän, anyone can catch their own lobsters once the lobster catching season begins on the first Monday after the 20 September. You can either use your own boat or book a Lobster Package, where you get to join the crew on a guided Lobster Safari held by skilled professional fishermen. This is what I did. It is a still morning when we set off to sea with veteran fisherman Ivan Axelsson as our guide – to bring home the Black Gold of the Ocean.

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Emelí’s on Limtorget – coffee in a traditional setting


If you fancy a cup of coffee in an old-fashioned and traditional setting, you must head for Emelí’s on the Limtorget square in central Lidköping. This cosy little coffee shop is located in a beautiful building in the oldest part of Lidköping. Everything you eat here is served on gold-rimmed china from classic Swedish manufacturers like Rörstrands, ALP, Hackefors, Karlskrona and Gefle. Continue reading…

Exploring Alingsås, the Café Town

Exploring Alingsås, the Café Town

Exploring Alingsås, the Café Town

I love going out for coffee! To discover new cosy tea rooms and coffee shops with picturesque outdoor seating areas and home-baked cakes of various types is one of my favourite pastimes. So where do you find the perfect coffee shop? In the county of Västergötland is a town that actually markets itself as the Café Town. If there is such a thing as the perfect coffee shop, it ought to be found here – don’t you think?! I head for Alingsås to find out.

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Cruise among the gems of Bohuslän

Cruising in Fiskebäckskil

Cruising in Fiskebäckskil

Did you know that there are 8,000 islands along the coast of Bohuslän? The best way to explore them is by boat or kayak. I must admit that Bohuslän has a very special place in my heart. To me Bohuslän is smooth, pink granite rocks, picturesque fishing villages where red boathouses jostle for place with beautiful white wooden homes, an invigorating salty sea breeze, fresh shellfish and a varied natural landscape. Join me on a cruise through the archipelago!

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