Ingrid Bergman – 100-year anniversary



Ingrid Bergman is considered one of the world’s greatest female film stars of all times and gained icon status after starring against Humphrey Bogart in the film Casablanca, where she uttered the often misquoted line”- Play it, Sam. Play As Time Goes By.”  This year, Ingrid Bergman would have celebrated her 100th birthday (on the 29 August) and her strong bonds to Bohuslän is the reason why we celebrate her here, with exhibitions and guided walks in her footsteps. All lights on Ingrid!

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David goes into battle against Goliath

Gothenburg-based Icebug is challenging the giants on the international footwear market. And what could be a more appropriate name for its CEO and co-founder than David. David Ekelund and his staff challenge the shoe-Goliaths of this world every day. On the 4-6 September it is again time for the IcebugXperience. The race that is more than a running competition.


Photo: Nicke Johansson

Photo: Nicke Johansson

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Outdoor eating and drinking in Gothenburg

BarHimmel_foto Beatrice Tornros


On April 1st, the outdoor seating areas in Gothenburg opened for the season – a sure sign that spring has arrived and an opportunity to enjoy a nice meal, a cup of coffee, or perhaps just a few drinks in good company. Gothenburg has many different types of venues. Here are my personal favourites among the ones that offer outdoor seating.


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White Guide coffee shops in Gothenburg and West Sweden

According to the criteria of the White Guide, whether a visit to a coffee shop is enjoyable depends on the quality of the drinks, bakery items on offer (including sandwiches), service, as well as the setting and ambience. No less than 51 coffee shops in Gothenburg and West Sweden are included in the White Guide 2014. Would you like to know which ones? Below is a small sample – all are definitely worth a visit!


kollage 00 kopia

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Spring and flowering Ramson on Kinnekulle



There is no mistaking the warm spring winds. Slowly but surely they push aside the cold winter air, leaving that very familiar feeling we all know, but few of us can describe in words. One day, spring is simply upon us, with the promise of more light and a greener landscape. The birds are twittering optimistically and the buds on the bare, brown trees burst into leaves. To me personally, spring has for the last few years also involved a sense of longing, and of happiness, to yet again be able to step into the magical landscape of Munkängarna, on the mountain of Kinnekulle, where the forest is completely taken over by Ramson at this time of the year. I am ridiculously infatuated with ramson. In the early part of spring it forms a green carpet on the forest floor, towards the end of the flowering season it turns into a white layer that covers the ground like snow. It is wondrous and magical.


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Holiday suggestions in West Sweden

Semestertips 00 kopia

Spring has sprung, and the warm sunshine brings thoughts of pleasant outdoor activities, the generosity of Nature’s own grocery cupboard, and perhaps enjoyable daytrips on lakes, canals, or at sea. If you haven’t yet decided where to holiday or spend a long weekend this year, now is the time!

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Crane Dance and Cheese Experience by Lake Hornborgasjön

To discover new places, enjoy good food and meet colourful people with exciting stories to tell sounds like the perfect day out to me. If you have never set foot in the Västergötland Region, or visited Lake Hornborgasjön – one of Europe’s most important wetlands, I will try to explain what makes this place so very special.


bild 1 ny


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GO TO SEA – A tribute to the sea in Gothenburg 24-28 feb

GO TO SEA – A tribute to the sea
February 24-28 it’s time to celebrate the ocean again. Bring family and friends and take part in some of the marine themed activities around town. Go to sea offers a unique opportunity to try some truly excellent food and during the week Gothenburg’s chefs will do everything to impress you with their cooking. Don’t miss the pop-up restaurants, known as “soup containers” – it’s a must!

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Winter and spring kayaking in Bohuslän opens for new seasons

Winter kayaking in Bohuslän

Canoeists who venture out into a snow-covered Bohuslän are met by an open natural landscape that gives a genuine feeling of existing in the here and now. Kayak rental operator Fredrik Lundkvist at Stångenäs Kayak in Lysekil invites you on a journey where the barren landscape of Bohuslän with its smooth and salt-covered granite cliffs is combined with comfortable places to stay and flavoursome meals. Launch your kayak into the fresh, salty sea – and enjoy!
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In West Sweden Christmas is celebrated on piers, in castles and at Santa Land

Pickled herring and schnaps. Photo: Göran Assner5

Pickled herring and schnaps are necessities on the Swedish Christmas table.

In the different parts of West Sweden, Christmas is celebrated in castles and cottages, in boathouses by the sea, or among tall trees in the snow-covered wilderness. And in all these settings, in the counties of Bohuslän, Dalsland and Västergötland, well-stocked Christmas Buffets are on offer. Try some local food traditions, customs and legends – it will give your Christmas celebrations a touch of West Sweden. Continue reading…