Oysters – On the Lookout for a Popular Festival in Grebbestad

How do you get a really popular festival? A festival that celebrates food and leaves visitors with a warm and genuine feeling. This is something that must have been up for discussion many times in Grebbestad, where the Nordic Oyster Opening Championships will soon be held. This year, the aim is clear! The competition will be a true celebration. Not a concept that feels forced or artificial. Instead, a festival that everyone can enjoy right in the middle of the picturesque fishing village of Grebbestad. More genuine than ever, and with focus on the best oysters in the world. I’m talking about the tastiest oysters you can imagine – freshly caught in Grebbestad. Just imagine!

Oysters. Photo: Jonas Ingman

Per Karlsson, whose day job is to run the restaurant Everts Sjöbod together with his brother, Lars Karlsson, is not only a first class oyster enthusiast. He is also one of the organisers behind this year’s oyster festival that will be a 2-day long celebration, starting on the 3rd May.

What are you trying to achieve with the Nordic Oyster Opening Championships?

We want to create a festival that feels real and genuine. We don’t want a soulless unimaginative event. Right in the middle of the harbour square in the centre of Grebbestad we will set up a big tent. With fish mongers, oyster competition and live music. We want to generate an atmosphere that feels special, with a lot of local flavour, at the heart of Grebbestad.

What should you do if you’re a beginner and would like to try a Grebbestad oyster?

Choose a not too big, about medium-sized oyster. Make sure someone explains what it will taste like before you try. Taste it with nothing on. Chew and savour the flavour. A freshly harvested Grebbestad oyster tastes of salt and sea, the sea comes first, followed by a mineral taste.

Opening an Oyster. Photo: Jonas Ingman

Per tells me that many people are afraid of oysters. Perhaps they have eaten them in the wrong way. Not felt safe and simply swallowed the oysters whole, ending up with a clump in their throat and a salty aftertaste. No-one eats their oysters like that if Per is around to explain what to do. And if you do it his way, you simply have to enjoy them. Because the oysters from Grebbestad really are something very special, and right now they are at their very best.

Oyster Platter. Photo: Lisa Nestorson

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