Oy Oy Oysters!


The Nordic Championship in oyster opening in Grebbestad is just a week away! The championships take place in Tanumstrand, next to Grebbestad (which is Sweden’s ‘oyster capital’ in case you didn’t know). On May 1, top chefs from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and more will battle it out to for the title of the speediest opener. Knives are sharpened, champagne will be flowing, and oysters will be abound!

It’s a seafood enthusiast fest and visitors can partake in oyster and lobster safaris! Safaris? you say!  Join a trained guide and travel out into the archipelago aboard a beautiful wooden boat, to taste these sea creatures straight from the sea, and experience how this delicacy is harvested.  Head out here for the weekend or swing by if you are a local!  Our favorite place to stay is the Tanumstrand Hotel so start booking and Bon Apetit!

If you want a quick lesson in how to shuck an oyster, see below:

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