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On April 1st, the outdoor seating areas in Gothenburg opened for the season – a sure sign that spring has arrived and an opportunity to enjoy a nice meal, a cup of coffee, or perhaps just a few drinks in good company. Gothenburg has many different types of venues. Here are my personal favourites among the ones that offer outdoor seating.


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Bar Himmel

The entrance of the Art Museum and its impressive stone steps is an incredible place to have an outdoor restaurant. This is where you’ll find Bar Himmel, with amazing views over the Avenue and the statue of Poseidon in the foreground. Another reason why this is such a great location is that on sunny days, the restaurant is a veritable suntrap (get your shades on!) and in the evening, the sunset is breath-taking. Imagine a warm spring or summer evening with tasty food, refreshing drinks, and a happy, friendly atmosphere among friends, old and new – unbeatable! This bar, with one of the biggest outdoor seating areas in Gothenburg is definitely worth a visit.

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292 Kjell Holmner



Storköket is located in the heart of Gothenburg, outside the theatre Stora Teatern. Underneath the majestic trees is this popular and generous outdoor restaurant – with the canal on one side and the magnificent theatre building on the other. The menu takes its inspiration from Korea, among other places, so if you like Asian food, this is the place for you. The atmosphere is usually festive and cheerful, and the restaurant attracts a mixed audience.

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Beatrice Törnros 0763 62 62 34 www.beatricetornros.se beatrice@rockfoto.nu


The Haga Cinema’s Café & Bar Kino

Do you like vegetarian food? Then this is the place for you. The Haga Cinema Café is one of Gothenburg’s most ambitious – and popular – vegetarian restaurants. The outdoor seating area is located outside the old cinema and you can enjoy a glass of locally produced beer, a plate of locally grown vegetarian food, and friendly company late into the evening. Think coloured lanterns and relaxed charm.

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The Post Bar

This feels like a second living room, housed in the grand former post office. On the menu are delicious cocktails prepared by well-known and skilful bartenders. On Fridays, the atmosphere is particularly high as ‘Post Work’ celebrates the start of the weekend and the outdoor seating areas by the entrance are full of guests. The evening sun is included. With its location right next to the central station, this bar is the perfect watering hole for travellers to and from Gothenburg. 

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Guldhedstornet is an old water tower, which is still in use and reaches 130 metres above sea level. It opened in 1953 and only a few months later the café opened on the top floor. The same simple café is still here and offers guests – apart from a delicious menu – glorious views. I can warmly recommend spending some time here enjoying the view, with a pleasant meal. Guldhedstornet is the water tower for southern Guldheden in Gothenburg.

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Barabicu is one of a number of newcomers in Gothenburg. The outdoor seating area by the canal is perfectly located for the evening sun. Barabicu has everything you need for a great night out – good food, a comprehensive and celebrated beverage menu, and amazing DJs. The kitchen takes its inspiration from North and South America and food is served both at lunchtime and in the evenings. The Järntorget square is only a stone’s throw away and the landmark Feskekôrka is just down the road.

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Text: Johanna Wichers

Photo: Beatrice Tornros, Superstudio D&D AB, Kjell Holmner, Johanna Wichers, Clarion Hotel Post

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