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Natural sweetness – On the lookout for honey in the city

Honey is a trendy ingredient that is increasingly being produced in urban areas. To make place for beehives and give city-dwellers access to their own honey is a step in the right direction.

This is a sensory tale, which is a lot about living food. But it is also a tale of a smooth, golden, sweet product that is delicious both on its own and as a sugar replacement. Healthier and much more interesting than ordinary white sugar. With a cheeky character that changes as the bees find new sources of pollen and nectar. And in my view there are even more positive aspects, including the fact that the honey tastes differently depending on where the hive is located. And that each colony is a unique part of the biological diversity.

Since a few months back, there is a company in Gothenburg that works with honey in the city. Sam Niknam at Stadskupan offers businesses the opportunity to enjoy good quality honey, whilst also helping the environment.

– We provide companies with beehives and take care of everything to do with harvesting and packaging, says Sam Niknam.

He explains that there are even more benefits of having beehives in a city. As there is more diversity in urban areas and a greater variety of flowers and plants, you get very high quality honey. You also make a concrete contribution towards sustainability.

­ – The pollination carried out by the bees is very important to our eco system, Sam Niknam explains.


Bees on honey - photo Arty


The first honey is available in late spring and often has the characteristic flavour of the lime tree. It is mild and green somehow. Later in the summer, the next batch of honey has an entirely different character. The season ends with heather honey, the darkest of them all, both in taste and colour. There are other interesting aspects to the working methods of Stadskupan. Their plan is to involve homeless, unemployed and young persons in their efforts to increase the number of beehives in the city’s suburbs. This is why they will soon start a pilot project in Angered, with the aim to produce local honey in this Gothenburg suburb.


Text: Maria Zihammou


  1. Peter   •  

    There is no new news about beekeepers in Gothenburg. There are many hobby beekeepers whose beehives are in town, there is also a company that offers the same thing since two years back

  2. mariaw   •     Author

    Good to know. Thank´s for the information Peter!

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