Meet a Local – Emelie Nielsen Chef at Norrqvarn

Along Göta Kanal in West Sweden you will find Norrqvarn Hotel & Conference built in one of the old mills.

Norrqvarn has something for everybody – whether you want to relax on the docks or bike along Göta Kanal. The hotel also offers several types of accommodation . You can choose to stay in the hotel, hostel or their unique tree stub.

The Tree Stub by Night. Photo: Stefan Svensson

Norrqvarn has a desirable food philosophy as they choose to use locally produced products as much as possible. A choice that makes the food healthy and taste great!

We were lucky enough to have a chance to talk to Emelie Nielsen, chef at Norrqvarn, about her take on Norrqvarn and their food!

Emelie, tell us how you ended up at Norrqvarn and how long you have been there..?

I grew up close by and after working at numerous places in different areas, I wanted to move back home. Therefore, I felt that Norrqvarn was perfectly suited for me. I have been a chef here for 3 and a half years!

Emelie! Photo: Malin Johansson

What is so special about the food at Norrqvarn?

We aim to serve good traditional food with a modern twist. A combination of classics like grandmas plum pie but served in a relax and trendy fashion.  As we use locally produced food we also adapt all of our cooking to the season, which also  brings out great flavors. We want to let the produce itself shine, and not tamper with it too much.

Locally Produced Vegetables at Norrqvarn. Photo: Malin Johansson

Is all the food you serve based on locally produced products?

We strive to use locally produced ingredients as much as possible throughout all meals during the day! The goal is that even the “hidden” products such as flour, butter and so on are all produced locally.

I have heard great things about your crayfish fished out of your inland lake – tell me about it!

Well, we basically try to highlight the fact that our crayfish is just as good as the crayfish fished on other parts of the west coast. It is very tasty!

We offer all our guests a special package that combines a stay at Norrqvarn with fishing your own crayfish, which we then prepare for you. It is a pretty unique experience as you fish the crayfish out in the middle of the night with flash flights, or at the crack of dawn. It almost feels like Christmas when you empty the cages filled with fresh crayfish!

View of Norrqvarn and Göta Kanal, Photo:Tomas Södergren

Do you receive a lot of tourists at Norrqvarn?

Yes, especially during the summer we receive tourists from all over.  Norrqvarn is a place where everyone can feel at home. It is peaceful and relaxing, while at the same time close to a lot of activities by Göta Kanal.


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