Lobster Makes its Grand Entrance

Fall means lobster season on the West Coast. If you’re lucky enough to be by the sea with access to your own kitchen, you can go down to the harbor and buy live lobster straight from the fisherman who caught it. If you enjoy the finished product, but would rather not reenact that scene from Annie Hall, most local restaurants have fresh lobster on the menu this time of year.

Freshly caught lobster. Photo: Fredrik Broman. /imagebank.sweden.se


Lobster may fetch a pretty penny, but it is by no means a rich man’s food in the small fishing villages on the West Coast where ready access means lobster for dinner at many fisherman’s table. The traditional way to eat it is boiled with sugar and salt and served plain with some toast on the side, to fully appreciate the nutlike flavor.

These days restaurants offer new takes, such as the lobster pot au feu at the beautiful and historic Villa Sjötorp in Ljungskile, or Sjömagasinet in Gothenburg whose lobster menu offers several free form variations on the theme.

Boiled lobster. Photo: Fredrik Broman. /imagebank.sweden.se

To experience lobster close to the source, join one of the many shellfish safaris offered in various locations on the coast. Styrsö Skäret Guest House arranges a trip with a local lobster fisherman for the adventurous, followed by lobster dinner with champagne to sate the appetite worked up at sea. Sea Lodge Smögen offers lobster fishing with all the creature comforts at this classic Swedish upscale resort.

Lobster Safari in Bohuslän. Photo: Jennie Lund

By: Sarah Clyne Sundberg

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