Like walking straight into Christmas

Christmas Paddan Boat

Christmas Paddan Boat

“As we sat on the Christmas Paddan boat, silently floating along the canal with lit torches, I got a little tingling feeling in my stomach. Then, when we arrived at Liseberg amusement park, it was like stepping right into Christmas.” That is how the winner of last year’s  West`Sweden Christmas web competition; Anna Estesjö, described her most festive experience in Gothenburg.

Christmas at Liseberg amusement park

Christmas at Liseberg amusement park

Wrapping up warm and strolling with loved ones in Gothenburg the Christmas city, is certainly a magical experience. The 16th of November marks the start of the ninth edition of Gothenburg the Christmas City, with Scandinavia’s biggest Christmas market opening its doors at Liseberg Amusement Park.

Gothenburg does not hold back when it comes to creating a cosy winter wonderland. Think a 3 km lane of light, 5 million Christmas lights, 1,150 Christmas trees and a number of illuminated facades, statues and streets flowing with twinkling lights. There’s also a singing tree, a colourful daily lights projection and lots of tasty festive food.

Gothenburg - The Christmas City

Gothenburg – The Christmas City. Photo: Dick Gillberg

The singing Christmas tree

The singing Christmas tree. Photo: Dick Gillberg

“We all know that love makes us better people, but that love can fill an entire city with light and warmth is perhaps more difficult to understand … until you visit Gothenburg during the darkest time of the year. This year, the city is illuminated around the theme of love”, stated the website Christmas Again. This love theme is manifested in more red lighting and, wait for it… ‘hugs stops!’

What would you most like to experience in Gothenburg the Christmas City?!

Light & film show at the Art Museum

Light & film show at the Art Museum. Photo: Dick Gillberg

This year's theme, Love, will result in more red lights in the town

This year’s theme, Love, will result in more red lights in the town. Photo: Dick Gillberg

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    Will definitely have this on my ‘Places to Visit’. Sure would be a one-of-a-kind experience.

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