It’s Finally Here – The Lobster Premier!

The much anticipated lobster season starts on the first Monday after the 20th of September each year, this year it falls on Monday the 23rd, and keeps going until the end of April. On Monday, at the crack of dawn, the piers will be crowded as all lobster enthusiasts get ready for what is about to come. At 7 am sharp, the west coats’s waters will be full of eager fishermen and locals alike seeking the so-called ‘Black Gold’ from the depths of the deep blue waters. In West Sweden, the lobsters grow slowly in the cold and salty water, giving it a characteristic and succulent taste.


Freshly Caught Lobster! Photo: Fredrik Broman/

The coastline between Gothenburg and the Norwegian border is scattered with about 10,000 rocky islands and according to the locals, it’s the home to the world’s tastiest seafood – especially when it comes to lobster.


West Coast Lobster. Photo: Henrik Trygg/


To enjoy the full local experience of fishing lobster take part in a lobster safari! You will get to join an experienced captain and help him and his crew fish up the lobster pots and discover the catch. After the safari you will return to the mainland and prepare and taste the delicious lobster. What could possibly be better?


Lobster Safari in Action.Photo: Fredrik Broman/


Lobster safaris are available at many places along the Bohuslän coast, each with their own slightly different approach. Everts Sjöbod in Grebbestad, where almost 50% of Swedish lobster is found, offer a unique lobster safari on their charming wooden vessel MS Tuffa. On board, you will also get the pleasure of enjoying seaweed crips and horseradish cheese snacks with warm coffee while you wait for you lobster fishing.

Sea Lodge in the village of Smögen also offers safaris that are followed by a cold beer in a relaxing hot tub. Also, you can enjoy a gourmet meal and then finish it all off in their comfortable luxury beds. Or set off on a lobster safari from the peaceful car-free South Koster island, set in Sweden’s first marine national park, Kosterhavet. In the  evening, the lobster is served in a local style; freshly cooked with delicious accompaniments such as sauces, local cheeses and home-made bread.

The Shellfish Season in Bohuslän offers numerous of adventures! So explore!


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