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Ingrid Bergman is considered one of the world’s greatest female film stars of all times and gained icon status after starring against Humphrey Bogart in the film Casablanca, where she uttered the often misquoted line”- Play it, Sam. Play As Time Goes By.”  This year, Ingrid Bergman would have celebrated her 100th birthday (on the 29 August) and her strong bonds to Bohuslän is the reason why we celebrate her here, with exhibitions and guided walks in her footsteps. All lights on Ingrid!


During the 100-year Ingrid Bergman jubilee this summer, I particularly recommend the exhibition at Strandverket in Marstrand, and Fjällbacka’s photo exhibition and guided walks in the actress’ footsteps. Light! Camera! Action!


Ingrid Bergman and Fjällbacka

Fjällbacka is the place that Ingrid referred to as her summer paradise on earth. She first visited the village in 1958, and then returned there each summer until her death. Ingrid Bergman adored her Fjällbacka! She knew the locals and was able to wander the streets freely, like any normal person, without attracting too much attention; she felt she belonged in this little fishing community in Bohuslän. Ingrid Bergman often visited her favourite coffee shop, Setterlinds Bageri. She would have a cup of coffee with a ‘mandelberg’ (a meringue-based cake with almonds, still on sale here today). When Ingrid died, her ashes were scattered near the island of Dannholmen, outside Fjällbacka, where she had her holiday home. To honour Ingrid Bergman, Fjällbacka has named a square after her and put up a statue by the impressively high Vetterberget Mountain.


Ingrid Bergman - kollage 03 kopia


Celebrated actress

The American Film Institute ranks Ingrid Bergman as the fourth greatest female star of American cinema. She was awarded three Oscars. Twice for Best Actress, in Gaslight, 1944 and Anastasia, 1956, and once for best supporting actress, in Murder on the Orient Express (1974). Ingrid Bergman is best known for playing Ilsa Lund in Casablanca (1942), opposite Humphrey Bogart, and Alicia Huberman in Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller Notorious (1946), co-starring Cary Grant. During the filming of Stromboli (1950) she met director Roberto Rossellini – they started seeing each other outside the film studio as well. Both were already married to someone else and their affair became a huge media scandal. The couple married and had a son, Robertino, and twin daughters Ingrid Isotta Rossellini and Isabella Rossellini.


Ib7 - Foto Hembygdsmuseet Fjällbacka


Marstrand’s jubilee exhibition

This summer, Ingrid Bergman will be celebrated for her impressive acting achievements and as the strong and successful woman she was.


Strandverket, Marstrand, will celebrate Ingrid Bergman with the exhibition ‘The rise and fall of Ingrid Bergman. And rise’, open from the 6 June until the 27 September. The exhibition is based around historic images, film sequences, a photo portfolio by the master photographer Lennart Nilsson, and unique portraits by the pop artist Andy Warhol. This is a very special event you and your friends really must not miss!


After the 27 September, the exhibition will first tour Sweden, then continue its tour abroad. However, while in Marstrand you really must not forget to explore the wonderful natural landscape and the island’s generous range of culture, architecture, restaurants, sailing and places to swim in the ocean.

Read more about the Ingrid Bergman exhibition HERE.


Ingrid Bergman’s beloved Fjällbacka will hold guided walks in her memory. The guide will explain how Ingrid spent her summers on Dannholmen and in Fjällbacka, whilst leading you to the streets and places where Ingrid once walked.

Read more about the guided walks HERE.


Ingrid Berman and her husband, Lars Schmidt.

Ingrid Berman and her husband, Lars Schmidt.


An exhibition will be held in the square ‘Ingrid Bergmans torg’ from the 5 June, with unique and personal photographs from her time in Fjällbacka. The exhibition is open all summer and free of charge – so all you have to do is look and enjoy.


“Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get” – Ingrid Bergman


Ib4 - Foto Hembygdsmuseet Fjällbacka


Text: Johanna Wichers

Photo: Algot Torevi, Hembygdsmuseet Fjällbacka, Jurgen Wickert, Åsa Dahlgren


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