Harvest Time – On the Lookout for Food in the Forest.

Summer may be almost over, but this is the time to fill your larder with all the tasty ingredients the forest has to offer. I’m talking about everything from mushrooms to game. Because what could beat a heap of freshly picked golden chanterelles? Fried in butter and gently salted, served on a slice of tasty bread. A simple pleasure, and almost free. Talking about mushrooms, I do hope this is a good year for ceps. This proud member of the Boletus family, with its nutty flavour is a fine addition to any kitchen. This is something that the Italians know well. They go mad for this particular mushroom and will buy as much of it as they can get their hands on. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that the dried ceps sold in our delicatessens under an Italian label were actually picked in Sweden.

Get Funghi organizes guided mushroom picking in holidays in Sweden – a perfect way to experience the mushrooms first-hand!

Mushroom Picking! Photo: Jonas Ingman

Another way to enjoy the flavors of autumn is to make a game casserole. A warming meal can cheer up the darkest of autumn evenings. Game is a good choice, preferably wild boar, a species said to be invading the whole of Sweden. Not everyone is happy about this. But it tastes nice. Another meat we should enjoy more often is goat. I tried roast leg of goat in Dalsland last autumn, and it was both tender and delicious.

Wonderful Game Dish! Photo: Tomas Yeh

Where there is a group of skilled food producers working together, like in the case of goat meat from Dalsland, this makes the experience even more enjoyable. Here, the goat breeder Elisabeth Forsblad on her farm Näsbön in Dals-Ed has created a high quality goat sausage in collaboration with the chef Per Åke Jern. Before the goat is slaughtered, she has produced goat milk that is sent to the local Dalsspira Dairy for processing and packaging. For the last few months, the same milk has also been appearing in a different form. As goat ice cream! Gettergod Gelato is the name of the micro ice cream factory in Gothenburg that is offering ice cream with seasonal Swedish flavors. To me, this sounds like a wonderful foodie adventure.


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