Gothenburg receives Food Trucks with open arms

When I think of fast food, I usually think of burger chains and pizza restaurants. This type of food can be enjoyable once in a while, or for convenience. The Food Truck trend and a broader range of instant meals have now reached Gothenburg, and this is obviously something we greet with open arms, rumbling tummies and curious taste buds.   


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What are Food Trucks?

The idea to serve meals cooked in Food Trucks on streets and squares originated in Brooklyn in New York. Last year, Gothenburg introduced an initiative where Food Trucks were allowed to operate on the streets for a trial period of 14 months. The outcome was positive, and the trucks are here to stay. Tasty!

There are now around 15 different Food Trucks in Gothenburg, serving everything from hand-made Mexican tacos, vegan and vegetarian food, to premium sausages, herring rolls, and wraps with lightly salted cod.


I meet Alexander Rutgersson from Two Buns & Meat on the Kungstorget square in Gothenburg. He is one of three owners, who all share a passion for good, well prepared food – which forms the basis for their strong friendship. All three grew up in Gothenburg and felt that there was a lack of good quality Street Food.

— There are good restaurants and Gothenburg is an excellent place for food, but there was something missing, says Alexander.

Two Buns & Meat serves home-made burgers of different types. The bread is freshly baked and the meat is minced each morning.


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Locally produced of high quality

– It is not only about providing fast food to passing guests. Many of the Food Trucks in Gothenburg also want to serve locally produced food of a high quality. Behind the serving hatches are plenty of ambitious cooks and food enthusiasts who are keen to give their customers a wonderful taste experience, and who use good ingredients handled with respect to prepare delicious dishes on the streets and squares of Gothenburg.


What do your customers say about the Food Trucks?

– People love them! We have had an amazing response, which is great, says Alexander Rutgersson.

He is very aware of the locations where their Food Truck is particularly appreciated, and where people are bored with existing restaurants and keen to try something new.


Find your favourite

As the Food Trucks are mobile restaurants, it can be difficult to know when and where they will turn up today, tomorrow, or later this week. To help you find your own favourite truck, there are now an app and a website. The website, Streetkäk, is found HERE! The different operators are also available on Facebook, so search for them there to read the latest news.


I met Linda (24 years) and Linnea (20 years), two hungry customers who bought a burger each (served in a handy little box) from Gothenburg Food Trucks.


What do you think about Food Trucks?

– A lovely summery feeling, says Linnea, 20.

– Fun to try something new, and a new feature that contributes to a great atmosphere, adds Linda, 24.


Get out there and enjoy good food and our successful rolling fleet of fast food trucks!


Text: Johanna Wichers
Photo: Johanna Wichers, Mikael Almse

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