Göteborg Culture Festival

The city is buzzing as the festival takes over the central city for six days. At the festival venues with outdoor stages, there will be several hundreds of music concerts, entertainment and culture activities, all with free admission. The children will have their own festival at Trädgårdsföreningen Horticultural Society Gardens.

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  1. Thuresdotter   •  

    Gothenburg is a truly a fantastic city. I am lucky to live in the city centre and I love every second of it. The summer is the best time of the year, lots of things happens. The summer of 2009 was a total explosion of happenings. Madonna, U2, many large sports events like the yearly Gothia Cup and many other happenings all in the city centre.

    The great thing about the Cultural Festival is that all is for free, everybody can enjoy! And the city is actually boiling during several weeks in July and August.

    I will invite you to read more at my blog “A Wonderful Life In Sweden” – http://wonderfulsweden.blogspot.com/

    Have a look at my own “Gothenburg videos”, Clips from the Madonna concert and Europe Rocks at Götaplatsen at the YouTube Channel WonderfulSweden: http://www.youtube.com/user/WonderfulSweden

    With Best Regards,
    Siv Thuresdotter

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